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Japanese animation film studio headquartered in Koganei, Tokyo. Wikipedia

  • List of works by the Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli. These are short films, including those created for television, theatrical release, and the Ghibli Museum. Wikipedia

  • Hayao Miyazaki

    Japanese animator, director, producer, screenwriter, author, and manga artist. Widely regarded as one of the most accomplished filmmakers in the history of animation. Wikipedia

  • Japanese film director, producer, screenwriter, animator, author, and manga artist. A co-founder of Studio Ghibli, a film and animation studio, he has attained international acclaim as a masterful storyteller and as a maker of anime feature films. Wikipedia

  • History of anime

    The history of anime can be traced back to the start of the 20th century, with the earliest verifiable films dating from 1906. Before the advent of film, Japan already had a rich tradition of entertainment with colourful painted figures moving across the projection screen in utsushi-e (写し絵), a particular Japanese type of magic lantern show popular in the 19th century. Wikipedia

  • Toshio Suzuki (producer)

    Film producer of anime and a long-time colleague of Hayao Miyazaki, as well as the former president of Studio Ghibli. Renowned as one of Japan's most successful producers after the enormous box office success of many Ghibli films. Wikipedia

  • History of animation

    The history of animation started long before the development of cinematography. Humans have probably attempted to depict motion as far back as the paleolithic period. Wikipedia


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