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Sudan Airways passenger flight that crashed on 2003-7-8 at Port Sudan. Wikipedia

  • Sudan Airways Flight 109

    Scheduled international Amman–Damascus–Khartoum passenger flight, operated with an Airbus A310 by the flag carrier of Sudan, Sudan Airways. On 10 June 2008, at approximately 17:00 UTC, the Airbus A310 crashed on landing at Khartoum International Airport, killing 30 of the 214 occupants on board. Wikipedia

  • 1986 Sudan Airways Fokker F-27 shootdown

    Performing a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Malakal to Khartoum in Sudan, when it was shot down by the SPLA militants. All 60 people on board the aircraft were killed. Wikipedia

  • Azza Transport Flight 2241

    Scheduled cargo flight from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates to Khartoum, Sudan operated by a Boeing 707-330C which crashed on 21 October 2009. Boeing 707-330C ST-AKW. Wikipedia

  • Sudan Airways

    National airline of Sudan, headquartered in Khartoum. Since 2012, the company has been fully owned by the Government of Sudan. Wikipedia

  • Kenya Airways Flight 431

    International scheduled Abidjan–Lagos–Nairobi passenger service. On 30 January 2000, the Airbus A310-300 serving the flight crashed into the sea off the Ivory Coast, shortly after takeoff from Félix-Houphouët-Boigny International Airport, Abidjan. Wikipedia

  • Passenger airline based in Khartoum, Sudan. 🇸🇩 Sudan Wikipedia

  • Air West Flight 612

    Scheduled domestic passenger flight operated by Air West between Khartoum, Sudan and Al-Fashir. Hijacked shortly after takeoff by a male individual. Wikipedia

  • Badr Airlines

    Airline based in Khartoum, Sudan, operating cargo and passenger air services for humanitarian aid missions, and chartered VIP flights. Khartoum International Airport. Wikipedia

  • Aeroflot Flight 331

    International passenger flight operated by an Ilyushin Il-62M that crashed about 1 km from José Martí International Airport, in Havana, Cuba, on 27 May 1977. The accident occurred after the aircraft hit power lines on its final approach to the airport during poor weather. Wikipedia

  • Thai Airways Flight 231

    Scheduled passenger flight that crashed on 27 April 1980. The Hawker Siddeley HS 748 operating the flight, registration HS-THB, stalled and crashed after entering a thunderstorm on approach to Bangkok. Wikipedia

  • List of airports in Sudan

    List of airports in Sudan, sorted by location. Arab state in North Africa. Wikipedia

  • This article lists aircraft accidents and incidents which resulted in at least 50 fatalities in a single occurrence involving commercial passenger and cargo flights, military passenger and cargo flights, or general aviation flights that have been involved in a ground or mid-air collision with either a commercial or military passenger or cargo flight. There have been 552 such incidents, including terrorist or other attacks. Wikipedia

  • TANS Perú Flight 204

    Emergency landing attempt because of bad weather, killing 40 of the 98 passengers and crew aboard. 1981-built Boeing 737-244 Advanced, registered OB-1809, which had been leased to TANS Perú from the South African lessor company Safair two months prior to the accident. Wikipedia

  • Merpati Nusantara Airlines Flight 8968

    Passenger flight which crashed off the coast of West Papua, Indonesia, on 7 May 2011. Operating Merpati Nusantara Airlines' scheduled domestic service from Sorong to Kaimana, both in West Papua. Wikipedia

  • Indian Airlines Flight 491

    Scheduled passenger flight on its connecting route from Delhi to Bombay, with stops en route at Jaipur, Udaipur, and Aurangabad. On 26 April 1993, the heavily-laden aircraft started its takeoff roll from Aurangabad Airport's runway 09 in hot and humid temperatures. Wikipedia

  • United Airlines Flight 521

    Scheduled passenger flight operated by a Douglas DC-4 from LaGuardia Airport in New York City to Cleveland, Ohio. Airport fence onto traffic on the Grand Central Parkway, and slammed into an embankment, ultimately plunging into a pond and exploding. Wikipedia

  • Aeroflot Flight 7425

    Domestic scheduled Karshi–Ufa–Leningrad passenger flight that crashed near Uchkuduk, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union on 10 July 1985. The crash killed all 200 occupants (148 adults, including 9 crewmembers, and 52 children) on board. Wikipedia

  • 2010 Tarco Airlines Antonov An-24 crash

    Antonov An-24 passenger aircraft of Tarco Airlines on a domestic service from Khartoum to Zalingei, Sudan, crashed on landing at Zalingei Airport, bursting into flames on the runway. Two passengers died, although reports on the number of fatalities varied from one to six. Wikipedia

  • 1958 Central African Airways plane crash

    The 1958 Central African Airways plane crash occurred when a Vickers Viscount airliner crashed during a scheduled passenger flight from Wadi Halfa, Sudan, to Benghazi, Libya, on 9 August 1958 about nine kilometers southeast of Benina International Airport in Libya. A total of forty-seven passengers and seven crew members were on board of whom only eighteen survived, making it the deadliest ever plane crash in Libya at the time of the accident. Wikipedia

  • Avianca Flight 011

    Boeing 747-200B on an international scheduled passenger flight from Frankfurt via Paris, Madrid, and Caracas to Bogotá, Colombia that crashed on 27 November 1983. Delayed waiting for additional passengers from a Lufthansa flight due to a cancellation of the Paris-Frankfurt-Paris segment by Avianca for operational reasons. Wikipedia

  • Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771

    Scheduled international Afriqiyah Airways passenger flight that crashed on 12 May 2010 at about 06:01 local time on approach to Tripoli International Airport. Of the 104 passengers and crew on board, 103 were killed. Wikipedia

  • 1977 Aviateca Convair 240 crash

    Scheduled Aviateca passenger flight that crashed near Guatemala City, Guatemala on April 27, 1977. Destroyed. Wikipedia

  • National Airlines Flight 16

    Domestic , scheduled passenger flight from Miami, Florida, to Lakeland, Florida, that crashed on October 5, 1945. On the last leg of a Miami-Fort Myers-Sarasota-St Petersburg-Tampa-Lakeland route. Wikipedia

  • British Airtours Flight 28M

    International passenger flight which caught fire before takeoff at Manchester Airport, England on 22 August 1985 with the loss of 55 lives. En route to Corfu International Airport in Greece. Wikipedia

  • Aeroflot Flight 1492

    Scheduled passenger flight from Moscow–Sheremetyevo to Murmansk, Russia. Climbing out when it was struck by lightning. Wikipedia

  • Transport in Sudan

    Extensive railroad system that served the more important populated areas except in the far south, a meager road network , a natural inland waterway—the Nile River and its tributaries—and a national airline that provided both international and domestic service. Port Sudan, a major deep-water port on the Red Sea, and a small but modern national merchant marine. Wikipedia

  • Sun Way Flight 4412

    International scheduled cargo flight from Karachi, Pakistan, to Khartoum, Sudan. On 28 November 2010, the Ilyushin Il-76 operating the flight crashed while attempting to return to Karachi after one of the engines caught fire. Wikipedia

  • VASP Flight 168

    Scheduled passenger flight from São Paulo to Fortaleza, Brazil which, on June 8, 1982, crashed into terrain while descending into Fortaleza, killing all 137 people on board. The crash of Flight 168 remains the third-highest death toll of any aviation accident in Brazil after Gol Transportes Aéreos Flight 1907 and TAM Airlines Flight 3054. Wikipedia

  • West Caribbean Airways Flight 708

    West Caribbean Airways charter flight that crashed in northwest Venezuela in the early hours of Tuesday, 16 August 2005, killing all 160 passengers and crew on board. En route from Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, Panama, to Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport (FDF) in Fort-de-France, Martinique, France. Wikipedia

  • TransAsia Airways Flight 222

    Scheduled domestic passenger flight operated by TransAsia Airways from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to Magong, Penghu Island. On 23 July 2014, the ATR 72-500 twin turboprop operating the route crashed into buildings during approach to land in bad weather at Magong Airport. Wikipedia


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