Characters similar to or like Susan Lewis

Character as played by Sherry Stringfield, on the fictional television show ER. Wikipedia

  • Neela Rasgotra

    Fictional character portrayed by Parminder Nagra on the television show ER. In the 3rd episode of season 10. Wikipedia

  • Greg Pratt

    Fictional character on the United States television show ER, portrayed by Mekhi Phifer from April 4, 2002 to September 25, 2008. Removed from the main cast opening credits in the 2nd episode of season 15. Wikipedia

  • Jeanie Boulet

    Fictional character from the television series ER. Portrayed by Gloria Reuben as a recurring character midway in the first season, then as a regular from season 2 onwards. Wikipedia

  • Mark Greene

    Fictional medical doctor from the television series ER, portrayed by the actor Anthony Edwards. That of a mediator and occasional authority figure, and he was considered the main character of the series for the first eight seasons. Wikipedia

  • Elizabeth Corday

    Fictional character in the television series ER. Played by Alex Kingston and appeared from 1997 to 2004. Wikipedia

  • Lucy Knight

    Fictional character In the NBC television series ER, portrayed by actress Kellie Martin. Part of the show for the fifth and sixth seasons. Wikipedia


    Sentences forSusan Lewis

    • She has also received multiple awards and award-nominations for her role as Susan Lewis in ER, including three separate Emmy Award nominations in the category "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series" in 1995, 1996 and 1997.Sherry Stringfield-Wikipedia
    • It was also revealed in the episode by Susan Lewis that he died at the age of 38, making his birth year end 1963 or 1964.Mark Greene-Wikipedia
    • In the first season, Kayson had a disagreement with Susan Lewis about the treatment a patient should receive who had a myocardial infarction.List of ER characters-Wikipedia
    • She is best known for playing the role of Dr. Susan Lewis on the NBC medical drama ER, a role for which she received three Emmy Award nominations.Sherry Stringfield-Wikipedia
    • While there, Greene developed close friendships with Dr. Doug Ross, a pediatrician, Dr. Susan Lewis, an ER resident, and nurse manager, Carol Hathaway.Mark Greene-Wikipedia
    • Early in her position, she would often clash with Doug Ross and resident Susan Lewis over most of the procedures in patient care.Kerry Weaver-Wikipedia

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