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The Alpine region of Switzerland, conventionally referred to as the Swiss Alps (Schweizer Alpen, Alpes suisses, Alpi svizzere, Alps svizras), represents a major natural feature of the country and is, along with the Swiss Plateau and the Swiss portion of the Jura Mountains, one of its three main physiographic regions. Wikipedia

  • Main chain of the Alps

    Central line of mountains that forms the water divide of the range. Main chains of mountain ranges are traditionally designated in this way, and generally include the highest peaks of a range. Wikipedia

  • Swiss Plateau

    One of the three major landscapes in Switzerland, lying between the Jura Mountains and the Swiss Alps. Partly flat but mostly hilly. Wikipedia

  • Pennine Alps

    The Pennine Alps (Walliser Alpen, Alpes valaisannes, Alpi Pennine, Alpes Poeninae), also known as the Valais Alps, are a mountain range in the western part of the Alps. They are located in Switzerland (Valais) and Italy (Piedmont and the Aosta Valley). Wikipedia

  • Geography of the Alps

    The Alps cover a large area. This article describes the delimitation of the Alps as a whole and of subdivisions of the range, follows the course of the main chain of the Alps and discusses the lakes and glaciers found in the region. Wikipedia

  • This page contains a sortable table of many of the major mountains and hills of Switzerland. The table only includes those summits that have a topographic prominence of at least 300 m above other points, and ranks them by height and prominence. Wikipedia

  • List of mountains of the Alps over 4000 metres

    This list tabulates all of the 82 official mountain summits of 4000 m or more in height in the Alps, as defined by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA). All are located within France, Italy or Switzerland, and are often referred to by mountaineers as the Alpine four-thousanders. Wikipedia


    Sentences forSwiss Alps

    • The bank also maintains numerous underground bank vaults, bunkers, and storage facilities for gold bars around the Swiss Alps and internationally.UBS-Wikipedia
    • The geographical location of these facilities are undisclosed to the public but are known to be present in the mountainous regions of the Swiss Alps.UBS-Wikipedia
    • It is geographically divided among the Swiss Plateau, the Alps, and the Jura, spanning a total area of 41285 km2, and land area of 39997 km2.Switzerland-Wikipedia
    • It contains three basic topographical areas: the Swiss Alps to the south, the Swiss Plateau or Central Plateau, and the Jura mountains on the west.Switzerland-Wikipedia
    • The core regions of the Alpine orogenic belt have been folded and fractured in such a manner that erosion created the characteristic steep vertical peaks of the Swiss Alps that rise seemingly straight out of the foreland areas.Alps-Wikipedia
    • Lausanne boasts a dramatic panorama over the lake and the Alps.Lausanne-Wikipedia

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