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The Türgesh or Türgish ( 突騎施/突骑施, Pinyin: tūqíshī, Wade–Giles: t'u-ch'i-shih; Old Tibetan: Du-rgyas ) were a Turkic tribal confederation. Wikipedia

  • Göktürks

    The Göktürks, Celestial Turks or Blue Turks (突厥 Tūjué; Wade-Giles: T'u-chüeh) were a nomadic confederation of Turkic peoples in medieval Inner Asia. The Göktürks, under the leadership of Bumin Qaghan (d. Wikipedia

  • Turkic migration

    Turkic migration refers to the spread of Turkic tribes and Turkic languages across Eurasia and between the 6th and 11th centuries. Now Mongolia and expanded in all directions, spreading Turkic culture throughout the Eurasian steppes. Wikipedia

  • Turkic peoples

    The Turkic peoples are a collection of ethnic groups of Central, East, North and West Asia as well as parts of Europe and North Africa, who speak Turkic languages. The origins of the Turkic peoples has been a topic of much discussion. Wikipedia

  • List of dynasties, states or empires which are Turkic-speaking, of Turkic origins, or both. There are currently six recognised Turkic sovereign states. Wikipedia

  • Kimek–Kipchak confederation

    Medieval Turkic state formed by seven peoples, including the Yemeks and Kipchaks, in the area between the Ob and Irtysh rivers. From the end of the 9th century to 1050, it existed as a khaganate, and as a khanate until the Mongol conquest in the early 13th century. Wikipedia

  • First Turkic Khaganate

    Khaganate established by the Ashina clan of the Göktürks in medieval Inner Asia. Under the leadership of Bumin Qaghan (d. Wikipedia


    Sentences forTürgesh

    • Hostilities between the Uyghurs and Karluks then forced the Karluks to migrate west into Zhetysu and conflict with the Türgesh, whom they defeated and conquered in 766.Uyghur Khaganate-Wikipedia
    • The expansion lost its momentum when Qutayba was killed during an army mutiny and the Arabs were placed on the defensive by an alliance of Sogdian and Türgesh forces with support from Tang China.Early Muslim conquests-Wikipedia
    • Zhetysu was populated by several tribes: the Azes (mentioned in the Orkhon inscriptions) and the Tuhsi, remnants of the Türgesh; as well as the Shatuo Turks (沙陀突厥) (lit.Karluks-Wikipedia
    • Anqing was one of the three Shatuo tribes, besides Chuyue (處月) and formerly Türgesh-associated Suoge (娑葛).Later Jin (Five Dynasties)-Wikipedia
    • Al-Kilabi moved his army up the Jaxartes valley to Ferghana and laid siege to its main settlement, but news of the approach of the Türgesh forced him to hastily retreat south.Muslim ibn Sa'id al-Kilabi-Wikipedia
    • The western lands seceded for good, and immediately after the death of Qapagan, the Türgesh leader Suluk proclaimed himself kaghan.Second Turkic Khaganate-Wikipedia

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