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Most populous city in northwestern Iran, one of the historical capitals of Iran and the present capital of East Azerbaijan Province. Wikipedia

  • Azerbaijan (Iran)

    Historical region in northwestern Iran that borders Iraq, Turkey, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Armenia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Iranian Azerbaijan includes three northwestern Iranian provinces: West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan and Ardabil. Wikipedia

  • Timeline of Tabriz

    Timeline of the history of the city of Tabriz, capital of East Azerbaijan Province in Iran. University of Azerbaijan established Wikipedia

  • Ardabil

    Ancient city in northwestern Iran, and the capital of Ardabil Province. 529,374. Wikipedia

  • Tehran

    Capital of Iran and Tehran Province. Most populous city in Iran and Western Asia, and has the second-largest metropolitan area in the Middle East . Wikipedia

  • Urmia

    Largest city in West Azerbaijan Province of Iran and the capital of Urmia County. Situated at an altitude of 1330 m above sea level, and is located along the Shahar River on the Urmia Plain. Wikipedia

  • Mashhad

    Second-most-populous city in Iran and the capital of Razavi Khorasan Province. Located in the northeast of the country. Wikipedia


    Sentences forTabriz

    • With a population of around 1.7 million (2016 census), Tabriz is the fifth most populous city of Iran, and had been the second most populous until the late 1960s.Iran-Wikipedia
    • Classical literature in Azerbaijani was formed in the 14th century based on the various Early Middle Ages dialects of Tabriz and Shirvan.Azerbaijan-Wikipedia
    • The highest point in East Azerbaijan is the volcanic peak of Sahand Mountain at 3707 m of elevation, lying south of Tabriz, whereas the lower lying areas are around Garmadooz (Ahar).East Azerbaijan Province-Wikipedia
    • Large cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, etc. which have millions of populations are referred to as Kalan-shahrکلان‌شهر (metropole).Town-Wikipedia
    • The capital of East Azerbaijan is Tabriz.East Azerbaijan Province-Wikipedia
    • East Azerbaijan Province is in Regions 3 of Iran, with its secretariat located in its capital city, Tabriz.East Azerbaijan Province-Wikipedia

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