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Radio format containing discussion about topical issues and consisting entirely or almost entirely of original spoken word content rather than outside music. Wikipedia

  • Radio format devoted entirely to the discussion and broadcast of news. Available in both local and syndicated forms, and is carried on both major US satellite radio networks. Wikipedia

  • Radio format devoted entirely to discussion and broadcasting of sporting events. Characterized by an often-boisterous on-air style and extensive debate and analysis by both hosts and callers. Wikipedia

  • Radio format in which music is the main broadcast content. After television replaced old time radio's dramatic content, music formats became dominant in many countries. Wikipedia

  • Radio documentary

    Spoken word radio format devoted to non-fiction narrative. Broadcast on radio as well as distributed through media such as tape, CD, and podcast. Wikipedia

  • WZAN

    Commercial AM radio station broadcasting a classic country radio format. Owned by Saga Communications. Wikipedia

  • Type of publicity stunt in radio broadcasting, where a station—abruptly and often without advance announcement—begins to air content that is seemingly uncharacteristic compared to what they normally play. Typically used to generate publicity and audience attention for upcoming changes to a station's programming, such as a new branding or format. Wikipedia


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