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Executive authority of the state of Tasmania, Australia. Wikipedia

  • Tasmania

    Island state of Australia. Located 240 km to the south of the Australian mainland, separated by Bass Strait. Wikipedia

  • Premier of Tasmania

    Head of the executive government in the Australian state of Tasmania. Invited by the Governor of Tasmania to be Premier and principal adviser. Wikipedia

  • Bicameral legislature of the Australian state of Tasmania. It follows a Westminster-derived parliamentary system and consists of the Governor of Tasmania, the Tasmanian House of Assembly (the lower house), and Tasmanian Legislative Council (the upper house). Wikipedia

  • Colony of Tasmania

    British colony that existed on the island of Tasmania from 1856 until 1901, when it federated together with the five other Australian colonies to form the Commonwealth of Australia. Established when the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed the Australian Constitutions Act in 1850, granting the right of legislative power to each of the six Australian colonies. Wikipedia

  • States and territories of Australia

    The states and territories of Australia are the second level of government division in Australia, between the federal government and local governments. States and territories are self-administered regions with a local legislature, police force and certain civil authorities, and are represented in the Parliament of Australia. Wikipedia

  • Tasmanian Legislative Council

    Upper house of the Parliament of Tasmania in Australia. One of the two chambers of the Parliament, the other being the House of Assembly. Wikipedia


    Sentences forTasmanian Government

    • The Tasmanian Government-backed Derwent Estuary Program has commented that the levels of mercury, lead, zinc and cadmium in the river exceed national guidelines.River Derwent (Tasmania)-Wikipedia
    • The Tasmanian Government resumed all of the island's freehold land and established the national park, proclaimed in 1972 and extended in 1991, to include part of the surrounding sea.Maria Island-Wikipedia
    • A legal battle between the federal government and Tasmanian Government followed, resulting in a landmark High Court ruling in the federal government's favour.Franklin Dam controversy-Wikipedia
    • The Tasmanian Government also has authority over some aspects of the CBD, in particular the major state controlled roads passing through and around the city.Hobart City Centre-Wikipedia
    • In 1885, TMAG became a Government authority under the control of a Board of Trustees that also controlled the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery-Wikipedia
    • The line went bankrupt in 1872 and was taken over by the Tasmanian Government on 31 October 1873, which then attempted to recover the debt from the guarantors, leading to civil unrest.Rail transport in Tasmania-Wikipedia

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