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Early Iron Age culture during the Saka period in central Kazakhstan. Wikipedia

  • Pazyryk culture

    Scythian nomadic Iron Age archaeological culture identified by excavated artifacts and mummified humans found in the Siberian permafrost, in the Altay Mountains, Kazakhstan and nearby Mongolia. The mummies are buried in long barrows (or kurgans) similar to the tomb mounds of Scythian culture in Ukraine. Wikipedia

  • Ordos culture

    Culture occupying a region centered on the Ordos Loop during the Bronze and early Iron Age from the 6th to 2nd centuries BCE. Known for significant finds of Scythian art and is thought to represent either the easternmost extension of Indo-European Eurasian nomads, such as the Saka, or to represent a culture formed by Turkic peoples. Wikipedia

  • Bronze Age culture of mixed economy in the territory of ancient central Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, dated from the 2nd millennium BCE to 8th century BCE, centered at desert river. The culture, with its megalithic mausolea, flourished between the 12th and 8th centuries BCE. Wikipedia

  • Slab Grave culture

    Archaeological culture of the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Mongols. Dated from 1,300 to 300 BC. The Slab Grave Culture became an eastern wing of a huge nomadic Eurasian world which at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC produced a civilization known as Scythian-Siberian. Wikipedia

  • Pazyryk burials

    Close to the borders with China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Numerous comparable burials have been found in neighboring western Mongolia. Wikipedia

  • Scythian cultures

    Known as Scythia. The Scythian cultures are characterized by the Scythian triad, which are similar, yet not identical, styles of weapons, horses' bridles and Scythian art. Wikipedia


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