Cryptocurrencies similar to or like Tezos

Decentralized, open-source blockchain network that can execute peer-to-peer transactions and serve as a platform for deploying smart contracts. Wikipedia

  • Ethereum

    Decentralized, open-source blockchain featuring smart contract functionality. Native cryptocurrency of the platform. Wikipedia

  • Cryptocurrency network and open source project that aims to run a public blockchain platform for smart contracts. Called Ada. Wikipedia

  • Experimental form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks to offer traditional financial instruments, and instead utilizes smart contracts on blockchains, the most common being Ethereum. DeFi platforms allow people to lend or borrow funds from others, speculate on price movements on a range of assets using derivatives, trade cryptocurrencies, insure against risks, and earn interest in savings-like accounts. Wikipedia

  • Open-source blockchain decentralized application platform founded in 2014 by Da HongFei and Erik Zhang. To realise a "smart economy" by utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts to issue and manage digitized assets. Wikipedia

  • Counterparty (platform)

    Peer-to-peer financial platform and distributed, open source Internet protocol built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and network. One of the most well-known "Bitcoin 2.0" platforms in 2014, along with Mastercoin, Ethereum, Colored Coins, Ripple and BitShares. Wikipedia

  • LBRY

    Blockchain-based file-sharing and payment network that powers decentralized platforms, primarily social networks and video platforms. The video-sharing websites built upon it, such as and Odysee, have been described as alternatives to YouTube. Wikipedia

  • Ethereum Classic

    Open source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality. It supports a modified version of Nakamoto consensus via transaction-based state transitions executed on a public Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Wikipedia

  • Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open-source software project released under the MIT/X11 license. Early bitcoin spinoff or altcoin, starting in October 2011. Wikipedia

  • Uniswap

    Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain through the use of smart contracts. Estimated to be the largest decentralized exchange and the fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange overall by daily trading volume. Wikipedia

  • Type of digital currency called a cryptocurrency that uses pornography on a decentralized peer-to-peer network to manage the issuance of new currency units while simultaneously processing transactions. Derivative of the Bitcoin source code with key modifications to the software which greatly improve transaction speeds and network difficulty readjustments. Wikipedia

  • Stablecoin cryptocurrency which aims to keep its value as close to one United States dollar (USD) as possible through an automated system of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Maintained and regulated by MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization composed of the owners of its governance token, MKR, who may vote on changes to certain parameters in its smart contracts in order to ensure the stability of Dai. Wikipedia

  • Shared database that records transactions between two parties in an immutable ledger. Blockchains document and confirm pseudonymous ownership of all existing coins within a cryptocurrency ecosystem at any given time through cryptography. Wikipedia

  • Open-source, public, cryptocurrency and digital payment system intended to be a blockchain-based cooperative digital storage and data retrieval method. Made by Protocol Labs and builds on top of InterPlanetary File System, allowing users to rent unused hard drive space. Wikipedia

  • Peer-to-peer digital currency. Decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency based on directed acyclic graph architecture, and released under the FreeBSD License. Wikipedia

  • Open source cryptocurrency and payment network launched in 2013 by anonymous software developer BCNext. Static money supply and, unlike bitcoin, no mining. Wikipedia

  • Lightning Network

    A "layer 2" payment protocol that operates on top of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency . Intended to enable fast transactions among participating nodes and has been proposed as a solution to the bitcoin scalability problem. Wikipedia

  • Blockchain protocol based on the cryptocurrency EOS. The smart contract platform claims to eliminate transaction fees and also conduct millions of transactions per second. Wikipedia

  • Open-source cryptocurrency created in early 2014 that focuses on decentralization. ASIC resistant proof-of-work mechanism to issue new coins and incentivize miners to secure the network and validate transactions. Wikipedia

  • Stellar (payment network)

    Open source, decentralized protocol for digital currency to fiat money transfers which allows cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies. Supported by a Delaware nonprofit corporation, the Stellar Development Foundation, though this organization does not enjoy 501(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS. Wikipedia

  • Platform for banks for implementing blockchain software. Announced on 8 February 2017 by State Bank of India , India's largest bank. Wikipedia

  • Computer program or a transaction protocol which is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. The objectives of smart contracts are the reduction of need in trusted intermediators, arbitrations and enforcement costs, fraud losses, as well as the reduction of malicious and accidental exceptions. Wikipedia

  • Bitcoin network

    Peer-to-peer payment network that operates on a cryptographic protocol. Users send and receive bitcoins, the units of currency, by broadcasting digitally signed messages to the network using bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet software. Wikipedia

  • Decentralized open-source cryptocurrency which offers various levels of private transactions. It does this by obfuscating the IP addresses of users with Tor and by leveraging stealth transactions making it difficult to determine the geolocation of its users. Wikipedia

  • Ledger (journal)

    First peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology research. The journal covers topics that relate to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Wikipedia

  • Dash (cryptocurrency)

    Open source cryptocurrency. Altcoin that was forked from the Bitcoin protocol. Wikipedia

  • Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency utilizing both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work systems. Based on an August 2012 paper which listed the authors as Scott Nadal and Sunny King. Wikipedia

  • OpenTimestamps

    Open-source project that aims to provide a standard format for blockchain timestamping. Possible to create and verify proofs of existence of documents without relying on a trusted third party; this represents an enhancement in term of security, since it excludes the possibility of a malicious (or careless) notary to compromise the timestamp. Wikipedia

  • Auroracoin

    Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency launched in February 2014 as an Icelandic alternative to bitcoin and the Icelandic króna. The unknown creator or creators use the pseudonym Baldur Friggjar Óðinsson (or Odinsson). Wikipedia

  • Free and open source blockchain infrastructure framework developed by Microsoft. Designed for building secure high-performance and high-availability applications that have a focus on multi-party compute and data. Wikipedia

  • Electronic platform for trading blockchain assets. In August 2020 the company became the first company to be cleared by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to issue a registered security token in its Initial public offering (IPO). Wikipedia


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