Books similar to or like That Awful Mess on Via Merulana

Italian novel by Carlo Emilio Gadda, first published in Italy by Garzanti Editore s.p.a. in 1957. Wikipedia

  • The Experience of Pain

    Italian novel by Carlo Emilio Gadda. Republished in 2017 by Penguin Books as The Experience of Pain, translated by Richard Dixon. Wikipedia

  • Doctor Zhivago (novel)

    Novel by Boris Pasternak, first published in 1957 in Italy. Named after its protagonist, Yuri Zhivago, a physician and poet, and takes place between the Russian Revolution of 1905 and World War II. Wikipedia

  • Deep Water (Highsmith novel)

    Psychological thriller novel by Patricia Highsmith, first published in 1957 by Harper & Brothers. Highsmith's fifth published novel, the working title originally being The Dog in the Manger. It was brought back into print in the US in 2003 by W. W. Norton & Company. Wikipedia

  • If Not Now, When? (novel)

    Novel by the Italian author Primo Levi, first published in 1982 under the title Se non ora, quando? Taken from a well-known rabbinical saying attributed to Hillel the Elder: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And when I am for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?" Wikipedia

  • Q (novel)

    Novel by Luther Blissett first published in Italian in 1999. Set in Europe during the 16th century, and deals with Protestant reformation movements. Wikipedia

  • The Island of the Day Before

    1994 historical fiction novel by Umberto Eco set in the 17th century during the historical search for the secret of longitude. Roberto della Griva, an Italian nobleman stranded on a deserted ship in the Pacific Ocean, and his slowly decaying mental state, in a backdrop of Baroque-era science, metaphysics, and cosmology. Wikipedia


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