Books similar to or like The Dragons of Eden

1977 book by Carl Sagan, in which the author combines the fields of anthropology, evolutionary biology, psychology, and computer science to give a perspective on how human intelligence may have evolved. Wikipedia

  • Up from Dragons

    2002 book on human evolution, the human brain, and the origins of human cognition by John Skoyles and Dorion Sagan. The book considers how the brain and genes evolved into their present condition over the course of thousands and millions of years. Wikipedia

  • Cosmos (Sagan book)

    1980 popular science book by astronomer and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carl Sagan. Co-developed with and intended to complement, explore the mutual development of science and civilization. Wikipedia

  • Introduction to evolution

    Process of change in all forms of life over generations, and evolutionary biology is the study of how evolution occurs. Biological populations evolve through genetic changes that correspond to changes in the organisms' observable traits. Wikipedia

  • Mind

    Set of faculties including cognitive aspects such as consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, intelligence, judgement, language and memory, as well as noncognitive aspects such as emotion and instinct. Produced at least in part by the brain. Wikipedia

  • Comet (book)

    1985 popular-science book by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. The authors describe the scientific nature of comets, as well as their varying roles and perceptions throughout history. Wikipedia

  • Pale Blue Dot (book)

    1994 book by the astronomer Carl Sagan. Sequel to Cosmos and was inspired by the famous 1990 Pale Blue Dot photograph, for which Sagan provides a poignant description. Wikipedia


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