Newspapers similar to or like The Globe and Mail

Canadian newspaper printed in five cities in western and central Canada. Wikipedia

  • List of newspapers printed and distributed in Canada. Airdrie – Airdrie Echo Wikipedia

  • National Post

    Canadian English-language newspaper. Flagship publication of Postmedia Network, and is published Tuesdays through Saturdays. Wikipedia

  • Bell Media

    Canadian media conglomerate that is the mass media subsidiary of BCE Inc. (also known as Bell Canada Enterprises, the owner of telecommunications company Bell Canada). Its operations include television broadcasting and production (including the CTV and CTV 2 television networks), radio broadcasting (through iHeartRadio Canada), digital media (including Crave) and Internet properties (including Sympatico). Wikipedia

  • Liberal Party of Canada

    Longest-serving and oldest active federal political party in Canada. The party has dominated federal politics for much of Canada's history. Wikipedia

  • The Globe (Toronto newspaper)

    Newspaper in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, founded in 1844 by George Brown as a Reform voice. It merged with The Mail and Empire in 1936 to form The Globe and Mail. Wikipedia

  • The London Free Press

    Daily newspaper based in London, Ontario, Canada. It has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Southwestern Ontario. Wikipedia

  • Western alienation

    Notion that the Western provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba – have been alienated, and in extreme cases excluded, from mainstream Canadian political affairs in favour of the central provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Western alienation claims that these latter two are politically represented, and economically favoured, more significantly than the former, which has given rise to the sentiment of alienation among many western Canadians. Wikipedia

  • History of Canadian newspapers

    There were five important periods in the history of Canadian newspapers' responsible for the eventual development of the modern newspaper. These are the "Transplant Period" from 1750 to 1800, when printing and newspapers initially came to Canada as publications of government news and proclamations; followed by the "Partisan Period from 1800–1850," when individual printers and editors played a growing role in politics. Wikipedia

  • Torstar

    Canadian mass media company which primarily publishes daily and community newspapers. In addition to the Toronto Star, its flagship and namesake, Torstar also publishes daily newspapers in Hamilton, Peterborough, Niagara Region, and Waterloo Region. Wikipedia

  • Conservatism in Canada

    Generally considered to be primarily represented by the modern-day Conservative Party of Canada in federal party politics, and by various centre-right and right-wing parties at the provincial level. Elected in the Province of Canada election of 1854. Wikipedia

  • Winnipeg Free Press

    Daily (excluding Sunday) broadsheet newspaper in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It provides coverage of local, provincial, national, and international news, as well as current events in sports, business, and entertainment, while various consumer-oriented features such as homes and automobiles appear on a weekly basis. Wikipedia

  • Toronto Star

    Canadian broadsheet daily newspaper. Canada's highest-circulation newspaper in overall weekly circulation: although a close second to The Globe and Mail in daily circulation on weekdays, it overtakes the Globe in weekly circulation because the Globe does not publish a Sunday edition. Wikipedia

  • Ming Pao Daily News (Canada)

    Chinese language newspaper in Canada owned by the Ming Pao Group of Hong Kong. Ming Pao in Canada has two editions. Wikipedia

  • The New York Times

    American daily newspaper based in New York City with a worldwide readership. Founded in 1851, the Times has since won 130 Pulitzer Prizes (the most of any newspaper), and has long been regarded within the industry as a national "newspaper of record". Wikipedia

  • The Kingston Whig-Standard

    Newspaper in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Published five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday. Wikipedia

  • Newspaper established in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1887. The voice of the conservatives in the city. Wikipedia

  • Toronto Sun

    English-language tabloid newspaper published daily in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. First published on November 1, 1971, the Monday after the demise of the Toronto Telegram, a conservative broadsheet. Wikipedia

  • Sing Tao Daily (Canada)

    Chinese language newspaper based in Toronto, Ontario. Jointly owned by the Hong Kong-based Sing Tao News Corporation and the Canadian publishing conglomerate Torstar Corporation, parent company of the Toronto Star. Wikipedia

  • Toronto Telegram

    Conservative, broadsheet afternoon newspaper published in Toronto from 1876 to 1971. It had a reputation for supporting the Conservative Party at the federal and provincial level. Wikipedia

  • Monday through Saturday newspaper printed in Brandon, Manitoba. Primary newspaper of record for western Manitoba and includes substantial political, crime, business and sports news. Wikipedia

  • The Wall Street Journal

    American business-focused, English-language international daily newspaper based in New York City, with international editions also available in Chinese and Japanese. Published six days a week by Dow Jones & Company, a division of News Corp. Wikipedia

  • Immigration to Canada

    Process by which people migrate to Canada for the purpose of residing there—and where a majority go on to become Canadian citizens. As of 2019, Canada has the eighth largest immigrant populations in the world, while foreign-born people make up about one-fifth (21% in 2019) of Canada’s population—one of the highest ratios for industrialized Western countries. Wikipedia

  • USA Today

    Internationally distributed American daily middle-market newspaper that is the flagship publication of its owner, Gannett. Founded by Al Neuharth on September 15, 1982, it operates from Gannett's corporate headquarters in Tysons, Virginia. Wikipedia

  • Weekly newspaper that has been published in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, since 1852. Servant, not the master, of the people; the state is their guarantee against infringement on their rights, their agent in international and national issues; it is not the function of the state to assume the direction of those activities which rest on individual choice." Wikipedia

  • The Economist

    International weekly newspaper printed in magazine-format and published digitally that focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, and technology. Owned by The Economist Group, with core editorial offices in the United States, as well as across major cities in continental Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Wikipedia

  • Canadian English

    Set of varieties of the English language native to Canada. The first language of more than 19.4 million Canadians or 58.1% of the total population; the remainder of the population were native speakers of Canadian French or other languages (21.1%). Wikipedia

  • Montreal Star

    English-language Canadian newspaper published in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Eight-month pressmen's strike. Wikipedia

  • Eye Weekly

    Free weekly newspaper published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Owned by Torstar, the parent company of the Toronto Star, and was published by their Star Media Group until its final issue on May 5, 2011. Wikipedia

  • The first Jewish newspaper published in English in Western Canada and the earliest attempt to produce a Western Canadian regional Jewish newspaper in English. Like many other efforts to publish Jewish newspapers in Canada between 1891 and the first decades of the 20th century, it proved to be ephemeral. Wikipedia

  • Daily newspaper published in print and online in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States. Founded as the Stroudsburg Daily Times on April 2, 1894. Wikipedia


Sentences forThe Globe and Mail

  • The Globe and Mails Canadian University Report 2019 categorised McGill as "above average" for its financial aid, student experience and research, and as "average" for its library resources.McGill University-Wikipedia
  • On Monday, January 24, The Globe and Mail reported that the plan included hiring a new general manager before the June entry draft and that Murray would be retained as an advisor to the team.Ottawa Senators-Wikipedia
  • A 2006 article in The Globe and Mail, entitled "Go West, Young Artist", focused on the Hamilton's growing art scene.Hamilton, Ontario-Wikipedia
  • The Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun are the prominent daily city newspapers, while national dailies The Globe and Mail and the National Post are also headquartered in the city.Toronto-Wikipedia
  • As Glee initial success pulled in a large audience, John Doyle of The Globe and Mail wrote that the early shows "felt fresh, mainly because the motley crew of kids had a kind of square naïveté."Glee (TV series)-Wikipedia
  • Robert Everett-Green wrote in a Globe and Mail editorial, "Being offensive is Eminem's job description".Eminem-Wikipedia

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