Books similar to or like The Rolling Stone Album Guide

Book that contains professional music reviews written and edited by staff members from Rolling Stone magazine. Wikipedia

  • Rolling Stone Australia

    Australian edition of the United States' Rolling Stone magazine devoted to music, politics, and popular culture, published monthly. Initially published in 1970 as a supplement in Revolution magazine published by Monash University student Phillip Frazer. Wikipedia

  • American magazine magnate who is the co-founder and publisher of the popular culture magazine Rolling Stone, and former owner of Men's Journal magazine. He participated in the Free Speech Movement while attending the University of California, Berkeley. Wikipedia

  • Lennon Remembers

    Book by Rolling Stone magazine co-founder and editor Jann Wenner that was published in 1971. Originally serialised in Rolling Stone in its issues dated 21 January and 4 February 1971. Wikipedia

  • Rolling Stone

    American monthly magazine that focuses on popular culture. Founded in San Francisco, California, in 1967 by Jann Wenner, and the music critic Ralph J. Gleason. Wikipedia

  • The Rolling Stones American Tour 1972

    Much-publicized and much-written-about concert tour of the United States and Canada in June and July 1972 by The Rolling Stones. Era." Wikipedia

  • Country (book)

    The first book published by Rolling Stone magazine critic Nick Tosches. Retitled in later editions as Country: Living Legends and Dying Metaphors in America's Biggest Music and Country: The Twisted Roots of Rock and Roll. Wikipedia


    Sentences forThe Rolling Stone Album Guide

    • The Rolling Stone Album Guide (2004) writes: "Frank Zappa dabbled in virtually all kinds of music—and, whether guised as a satirical rocker, jazz-rock fusionist, guitar virtuoso, electronics wizard, or orchestral innovator, his eccentric genius was undeniable."Frank Zappa-Wikipedia
    • Ben Sisario gave a negative review of the band's discography in The Rolling Stone Album Guide in 2004, alleging that the group copied Stevie Wonder and finding much of their material to be identical.Jamiroquai-Wikipedia
    • He is also known for his wit offstage, with The Rolling Stone Album Guide calling him the world's most "beloved heavy metal entertainer".Alice Cooper-Wikipedia
    • In The Rolling Stone Album Guide (2004), Mac Randall writes that the album is exceptional, but "a tad overrated" by those critics who tend to overlook how its last 30 minutes comprise "a bunch of instrumental blues jams that nobody listens to more than once".All Things Must Pass-Wikipedia
    • In The Rolling Stone Album Guide, Sheffield describes it as "the music of an overstimulated mind in an exhausted body", showcasing Bowie as he "sashays through some serious emotional wreckage".Low (David Bowie album)-Wikipedia
    • In The Rolling Stone Album Guide (2004), Roni Sarig wrote that, "for sheer breadth, ambition, and musical vision, there's little doubt Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is a classic."Speakerboxxx/The Love Below-Wikipedia

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