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Second-largest city in Greece, with over 1 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, and the capital of the geographic region of Macedonia, the administrative region of Central Macedonia and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace. Wikipedia

  • Central Macedonia

    One of the thirteen administrative regions of Greece, consisting of the central part of the geographical and historical region of Macedonia. Second most populous in Greece after Attica. Wikipedia

  • Macedonia (Greece)

    Geographic and administrative region of Greece, in the southern Balkans. Largest and second-most-populous Greek region, with a population of 2.38 million in 2017. Wikipedia

  • Capital and largest city of Greece. One of the world's oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning over 3,400 years and its earliest human presence started somewhere between the 11th and 7th millennium BC. Wikipedia

  • Chalkidiki

    Peninsula and regional unit of Greece, part of the Region of Central Macedonia, in the geographic region of Macedonia in Northern Greece. The autonomous Mount Athos region constitutes the easternmost part of the peninsula, but not of the regional unit. Wikipedia

  • Pella (regional unit)

    One of the regional units of Greece, in the geographic region of Macedonia. Part of the Region of Central Macedonia. Wikipedia

  • Macedonia (ancient kingdom)

    Ancient kingdom on the periphery of Archaic and Classical Greece, and later the dominant state of Hellenistic Greece. Founded and initially ruled by the royal Argead dynasty, which was followed by the Antipatrid and Antigonid dynasties. Wikipedia


    Sentences forThessaloniki

    • Sephardi Jews used to have a large presence in the city of Thessaloniki, and by 1900, some 80,000, or more than half of the population, were Jews.Balkans-Wikipedia
    • Its population is approximately 10.7 million as of 2018; Athens is its largest and capital city, followed by Thessaloniki.Greece-Wikipedia
    • The city of Thessaloniki is also home of a number of festivals and events.Greece-Wikipedia
    • As for Thessaloniki, after the fire of 1917, the government ordered for a new city plan under the supervision of Ernest Hébrard.Greece-Wikipedia
    • Sicily was lost to the Arabs in 902 and in 904 Thessaloniki, the Empire's second city was sacked by an Arab fleet.Byzantine Empire-Wikipedia
    • The work of the Thessaloniki brothers Cyril and Methodius and their disciples had a major impact to Serbs as well.Eastern Orthodox Church-Wikipedia

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