Rivers similar to or like Ticino (river)

Most important perennial left-bank tributary of the Po. Wikipedia

  • List of rivers of Europe

    This page lists the principal rivers of Europe with their main tributaries. Here defined as from the Kara Sea, along the Ural Mountains and Ural River to the Caspian Sea. Wikipedia

  • Oglio

    Left-side tributary of the river Po in Lombardy, Italy. 280 km long. Wikipedia

  • Sesia

    River in Piedmont, north-western Italy, tributary to the Po. Its sources are the glaciers of Monte Rosa at the border with Switzerland. Wikipedia

  • Adda (river)

    River in North Italy, a tributary of the Po. It rises in the Alps near the border with Switzerland and flows through Lake Como. Wikipedia

  • Scrivia

    Right tributary of the river Po, in northern Italy. It runs through Liguria, Piedmont, and Lombardy. Wikipedia

  • Stirone

    Small river of Emilia-Romagna in north Italy, a left tributary of the Taro, which it joins shortly before the latter enters the Po. The sources of the river are on the slopes of Monte Mezzano and Monte Santa Cristina. Wikipedia


    Sentences forTicino (river)

    • It includes a large part of the Magadino valley along with the right side of the Ticino river, and stretches from the Bolle di Magadino to Monda Contone.Locarno-Wikipedia
    • From these originate the headwaters of several major rivers, such as the Rhine, Inn, Ticino and Rhône, which flow in the four cardinal directions into the whole of Europe.Switzerland-Wikipedia
    • The Rhine is one of the four major rivers taking their source in the Gotthard region, along with the Ticino, Rhône and Reuss.Rhine-Wikipedia
    • With a few exceptions in the extreme north and south of the canton, it lies entirely in the Ticino basin, a tributary of the Po.Ticino-Wikipedia
    • The name Ticino was chosen for the newly established canton in 1803, after the river Ticino which flows through it from the Novena Pass to Lake Maggiore.Ticino-Wikipedia
    • The canton is entirely mountainous, comprising a 3-fold water divide with the highlands of the Rhine, Inn / Danube and Moesa / Ticino / Po river valleys.Grisons-Wikipedia

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