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High speed multitasking BASIC dialect to program microcontrollers of the BASIC-Tiger family. Wikipedia

  • Alphabetical list of BASIC dialects — interpreted and compiled variants of the BASIC programming language. Each dialect's platform(s), i.e., the computer models and operating systems, are given in parentheses along with any other significant information. Wikipedia

  • BASIC Stamp

    Microcontroller with a small, specialized BASIC interpreter built into ROM. Made by Parallax, Inc. and has been popular with electronics hobbyists since the early 1990s. Wikipedia

  • Gambas

    Name of an object-oriented dialect of the BASIC programming language, as well as the integrated development environment that accompanies it. Recursive acronym for Gambas Almost Means Basic. Wikipedia

  • Microcontroller-based version of BASIC created by Parallax, Inc. in 1992. Created to bring ease of use to the microcontroller and embedded processor world. Wikipedia


    Dialect of the BASIC programming language developed by Microsoft from IBM BASICA. Fully self-contained executable and does not need the Cassette BASIC ROM found in the original IBM PC. Wikipedia

  • Vilnius BASIC

    Dialect of the BASIC programming language running on the Elektronika BK-0010-01/BK-0011M and UKNC computers. Quite advanced BASIC and, instead of being an interpreter like most systems of the day, featured a runtime threaded code compiler that compiled the program when one entered the command. Wikipedia

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