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Of the history of the city of Almaty, Almaty Province, Kazakhstan. Wikipedia

  • Haileybury Almaty

    Independent school in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Founded in 1939 as an offshoot of Haileybury, an independent school in England. Wikipedia

  • Almaty-1 station

    Railway station located in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, and is one of two principal stations in the city. Almaty-1 serves as a primary point of departure for passengers traveling both within Kazakhstan and internationally. Wikipedia

  • State zoo of the city Almaty in Kazakhstan. One of the largest and oldest zoological parks in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Wikipedia

  • Cargo airline based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Almaty International Airport. Wikipedia

  • Almaty International Airport

    Major international airport in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Also the largest international airport in Kazakhstan. Wikipedia

  • Annual marathon hosted by Almaty, Kazakhstan. Always held in April. Wikipedia

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