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Timeline of the development of Jews and Judaism. Wikipedia

  • Timeline of the development of prophecy among the Jews in Judaism. All dates are given according to Christ’s lifetime “”BC & AD”, not the Hebrew calendar. Wikipedia

  • History of the Jews in China

    Jews and Judaism in China are predominantly composed of Sephardi Jews and their descendants. Other Jewish ethnic divisions are also represented, including Ashkenazi Jews, Mizrahi Jews and a number of converts. Wikipedia

  • Martyrdom in Judaism

    One of the main examples of Jews doing a kiddush Hashem, a Hebrew term which means "sanctification of [the] name". Public self-sacrifice in accordance with Jewish practice and identity, with the possibility of being killed for no other reason than being Jewish. Wikipedia

  • History of Israel

    Birthplace of the Jewish people, the place where the final form of the Hebrew Bible is thought to have been compiled, and the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity. It contains sites sacred to Judaism, Samaritanism, Christianity, Islam, Druze and the Baháʼí Faith. Wikipedia

  • History of the Jews in Russia

    The history of the Jews in Russia and areas historically connected with it goes back at least 1,500 years. Jews in Russia have historically constituted a large religious diaspora; the vast territories of the Russian Empire at one time hosted the largest population of Jews in the world. Wikipedia

  • History of the Jews in France

    The history of the Jews in France deals with Jews and Jewish communities in France since at least the early Middle Ages. Center of Jewish learning but over time persecution increased, including multiple expulsions and returns. Wikipedia


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