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Timeline of machine translation. Wikipedia

  • Method of machine translation that is characterized by the use of multiple machine translation approaches within a single machine translation system. The motivation for developing hybrid machine translation systems stems from the failure of any single technique to achieve a satisfactory level of accuracy. Wikipedia

  • Interlingual machine translation

    One of the classic approaches to machine translation. Transformed into an interlingua, i.e., an abstract language-independent representation. Wikipedia

  • Transfer-based machine translation

    Type of machine translation . Currently one of the most widely used methods of machine translation. Wikipedia

  • History of machine translation systems developed in China. China became the fourth country that began machine translation (MT) research following USA, UK, and the Soviet Union. Wikipedia

  • Lingoes

    Dictionary and machine translation app. Often compared to its competitor Babylon because of similarities in their GUI, functionalities and most importantly being freeware. Wikipedia


    Russian company focused upon the development of machine translation systems. At the moment PROMT translators exist for more than 25 languages. Wikipedia

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