Serial killers similar to or like Todd Alan Reed

American serial killer and sex offender who raped and strangled three homeless women in Portland, Oregon between April and June 1999, later dumping their bodies in the Forest Park reserve. Wikipedia

  • Vietnamese-born American serial killer and rapist responsible for at least three murders in Portland, Oregon between 1991 and 1992. Prime suspect for the 1994 murder of 14-year-old Jenny Lin in Castro Valley, California. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who strangled to death three women, and attempted to murder a fourth, in the span of a little over two months in 1984. He later became the first criminal to be successfully prosecuted under the newly-enacted Rhode Island "Life Without Parole Statute", headed by prosecutor Jeffrey B. Pine, and promptly received life imprisonment without parole for his crimes. Wikipedia

  • Billy Mansfield

    American serial killer, child molester, and sex offender, responsible for the murders of five women and girls between 1975 and 1980. He buried the bodies of four victims at the family home in Spring Hill, Florida, and later travelled with his brother to California, where he raped and strangled a Watsonville woman. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer. A jobless drifter, Edwards murdered four fellow itinerants across three states between 1987 and 1992 in alcohol-induced rages, and attempted to murder a fifth in 1993. Wikipedia

  • South African serial killer and rapist who raped and murdered at least three women in Onderstepoort between 2012 and 2013. Convicted and sentenced to three life imprisonment terms for his crimes. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who murdered at least three women in Florida and Arkansas between 1983 and 1995. Posthumously linked via DNA to the third murder, for which another man was imprisoned. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who raped and murdered four teenagers in Renton, Washington between 1969 and 1971. Only 18 years old, with three of his victims being children under the age of 17. Wikipedia

  • Jerry Brudos

    American serial killer and necrophile who committed the murders of at least four women in Oregon between 1968 and 1969. Born in Webster, South Dakota as the younger of two sons. Wikipedia

  • Randall Woodfield

    American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and robber who was dubbed the I-5 Killer or the I-5 Bandit by the media due to the crimes he committed along the Interstate 5 corridor running through Washington, Oregon, and California. Suspected of multiple sexual assaults and murders. Wikipedia

  • Bernard Giles

    American serial killer and rapist who killed five girls and women in Titusville, Florida between September and November 1973. Sentenced to several life imprisonment terms in 1974. Wikipedia

  • Ukrainian serial killer. Between 2013 and 2015, he killed four men and his female roommate in alcohol-related quarrels in the Russian town of Uzlovaya, Tula Oblast, burning their corpses afterwards. Wikipedia

  • Tajikistani serial killer and rapist who raped and murdered four women in Yekaterinburg, Russia between March and July 2011. Detained, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, which he is serving at the Polar Owl Colony. Wikipedia

  • American thief and serial killer responsible for the murders of three women in Seattle over the summer in 1990. After killing his victims, he would mutilate and have sex with the corpses, leaving the bodies posed in bizarre positions at the crime scene. Wikipedia

  • South African serial killer who, between 1987 and 2008, strangled to death three acquaintances, two of them children. Found guilty of all three murders in 2009, and sentenced to two life imprisonment terms plus 10 years for his first murder, which was committed while he was still a minor. Wikipedia

  • Gary Ridgway

    American serial killer. Initially convicted of 48 separate murders. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who poisoned three acquaintances in Odessa, Texas with chloroform and cyanide between 1983 and 1987. Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1988. Wikipedia

  • Gerald Parker

    American serial killer who raped and murdered five women in Orange County, California. Pregnant at the time of the attack, survived, but her child was delivered stillborn. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer. Additional 1984 murder for which another man was convicted. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer and rapist, responsible for three murders in Westchester County, New York between 1987 and 1990. Arrested 13 years after the last murder while serving a sentence for car theft, convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life imprisonment. Wikipedia

  • William Bonin

    American serial killer and twice-paroled sex offender who committed the rape, torture, and murder of a minimum of 21 boys and young men in a series of killings in 1979 and 1980 in southern California. Also suspected of committing a further 15 murders. Wikipedia

  • Roy Melanson

    American serial killer and rapist, conclusively linked to three murders and numerous rapes in three states, and remains the prime suspect in at least two other murders. Convicted of two 1974 murders, for which he received two life sentences, and is currently incarcerated at the La Vista Correctional Facility, in Pueblo, Colorado. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer and criminal. Convicted for the 1979 double murder of a couple in Brookings, Oregon and sentenced to death. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who, between March 1979 and July 1988, murdered at least seven girls and women in Denver, Colorado. Conclusively proven in four murders with the help of DNA profiling in 2012, 16 years after his death, as a result of which his total victim count remains unknown. Wikipedia

  • Rodney Halbower

    American murderer and suspected serial killer. Prime suspect in the Gypsy Hill killings, a series of murders of young women in San Mateo County, California , whose killer was named The San Mateo Slasher. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer and rapist who strangled three women in New England between 1983 and 1994. Posthumously linked via DNA. Wikipedia

  • Belgian serial killer who strangled three women between October 1971 and March 1972 in Mechelen and Bonheiden. Because he liked to bite his victims, he got the nickname The Vampire of Muizen. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer and rapist who killed at least seven girls and women in Gary and Portage, Indiana between May and September 1995. Convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Wikipedia

  • Russian serial killer who murdered three drinking companions in Arkhangelsk, whose bodies he later dismembered and liquified for consumption. Found guilty of these new killings and sentenced to life imprisonment in a special regime colony. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who killed 4 women in St. Louis, Missouri between 1985 and 1988. Avid recidivist who had spent more than 17 years of his life behind bars. Wikipedia

  • Andre Crawford

    American serial killer, rapist and necrophile who killed 11 women between 1993 and 1999 in Chicago. Many of the women were prostitutes or drug addicts. Wikipedia

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