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Crowdsourcing platform and microtasking project launched by Yandex in 2014 to quickly markup large amounts of data, which are then used for machine learning and improving search algorithms. Wikipedia

  • Yandex Search

    Search engine. Owned by Yandex, based in Russia. Wikipedia

  • Proprietary machine learning algorithm developed by Yandex and used widely throughout the company products. Based on gradient boosting and was introduced since 2009. Wikipedia

  • Yandex Zen

    Personal recommendations service created by Yandex that uses machine learning technology. Zen creates a feed of content that automatically adjusts to the interests of a user. Wikipedia

  • Type of crowdsourcing that is distinct from microtasking. Macrotasks typically have the following characteristics: Wikipedia

  • B2B division of Yandex, the leading Russian search engine and one of the largest European internet companies. YDF uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve energy efficiency in process manufacturing. Wikipedia

  • Microtask

    Finnish technology company founded by Ville Miettinen, Harri Holopainen, Otto Chrons and Panu Wilska in 2009 to create a technology platform for crowdsourcing and distributed work. Headquartered in Helsinki, and has offices in Tampere and San Francisco. Wikipedia


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