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17th-century mausoleum in Lahore, Pakistan, that was built for the Mughal empress Nur Jahan. Wikipedia

  • Tomb of Jahangir

    17th-century mausoleum built for the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Located in Shahdara Bagh in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, along the banks of the Ravi River. Wikipedia

  • Tomb of Asif Khan

    17th-century mausoleum located in Shahdara Bagh, in the city of Lahore, Punjab. Built for the Mughal statesman Mirza Abul Hassan Jah, who was titled Asif Khan. Wikipedia

  • Akbari Sarai

    Large caravan inn that is located in Shahdara Bagh in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Originally built for travelers, as well as for caretakers of the Tomb of Jahangir. Wikipedia

  • Shrine of Mian Mir

    17th-century shrine located in Lahore, Pakistan, that is dedicated to the Sufi mystic Mian Mir. One of the most celebrated in Lahore, and has historically been revered by both Muslims and Sikhs. Wikipedia

  • Walled City of Lahore

    The Walled City of Lahore (, "Inner City"), also known as Old City, forms the historic core of Lahore, Pakistan. Established around 1000 CE in the western half of the Walled City, which was fortified by a mud wall during the medieval era. Wikipedia

  • Tomb of Dai Anga

    17th-century Mughal tomb complex located in the Mughal-era suburb of Begampura, outside the Walled City of Lahore, Pakistan. Built in honour of Dai Anga, the wet nurse of Shah Jahan, and wife of Murad Khan of Bikaner. Wikipedia


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