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Transport in India consists of transport by land, water and air. Wikipedia

  • Water transport in India

    Indispensable to foreign trade. Endowed with an extensive network of waterways in the form of rivers, canals, backwaters, creeks and a long coastline accessible through the seas and oceans. Wikipedia

  • Rail transport in India

    Important mode of transport in India. In 2018–19, 23.12 million passengers daily used Indian Railways network, which operates mainline and suburban rail services in the country. Wikipedia

  • Extensive network of inland waterways in the form of rivers, canals, backwaters and creeks. 14,500 km, out of which about 5200 km of the river and 4000 km of canals can be used by mechanised crafts. Wikipedia

  • Transport in China

    Transport in People's Republic of China has experienced major growth and expansion in recent years. Although China's transport system comprises a vast network of transport nodes across its huge territory, the nodes tend to concentrate in the more economically developed coastal areas and inland cities along major rivers. Wikipedia

  • Transport in Serbia

    Transport in Serbia includes transport by road, rail, water and air. Road transport incorporates a comprehensive network of major (i.e. state) and minor (i.e. municipal) roads. Wikipedia

  • Transportation in Virginia

    By land, sea and air. Virginia's extensive network of highways and railroads were developed and built over a period almost 400 years, beginning almost immediately after the founding of Jamestown in 1607, and often incorporating old established trails of the Native Americans. Wikipedia


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    • VRL Group is one of the large logistics and transport companies in India (incl.4360 vehicles, comprising 419 tourist buses and 3941 transport goods vehicles).VRL Group-Wikipedia
    • Naik and his wife Madhubala have two sons; the elder was a fighter pilot with the Indian Air Force and later transferred to the transport stream, and the younger, a Chief Officer in the Merchant Navy.Pradeep Vasant Naik-Wikipedia
    • Tamu is something of a transport hub for cross-border traffic to India, being just across the border from Moreh.Tamu, Myanmar-Wikipedia
    • Silver Palanquin procession of the deity on every Chaturdashi of the dark fortnight of Hindu lunar calendar is also a major attractionMahamaya Kalika Devasthan Kasarpal-Wikipedia
    • Various Indian states announced local and state level partial and incremental transport shutdown as early as March 11, 2020.Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on public transport-Wikipedia
    • The World Bank cautions that, for India to achieve its economic potential, it must continue to focus on public sector reform, transport infrastructure, agricultural and rural development, removal of labour regulations, education, energy security, and public health and nutrition.India-Wikipedia

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