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American record label that is primarily known for releasing its music on its YouTube channel. Wikipedia

  • Bluebird Records

    Record label best known for its low-cost releases, primarily of blues and jazz in the 1930s and 1940s. Founded in 1932 as a lower-priced RCA Victor subsidiary label. Wikipedia

  • For Build is a Youtube channel that is mostly known for its car build videos. Created, and is hosted by Chris Steinbacher. Wikipedia

  • YouTube Creator Awards, commonly known as YouTube Play Buttons, are a gift from YouTube that serves to recognize its most popular channels. These awards are based on a channel's subscriber count, but are offered at the sole discretion of YouTube. Wikipedia

  • On-U Sound Records

    English record label known for releasing its own unique flavour of dub music since the 1980s. Founded by Adrian Sherwood in 1979/1980 and is home to acts such as Tackhead, Dub Syndicate, African Head Charge, The London Underground, Little Annie, Creation Rebel, Mark Stewart, Gary Clail, New Age Steppers, Audio Active, Asian Dub Foundation, and the dub collective Singers & Players. Wikipedia

  • Discovery Records

    United States-based record company and label known for its recordings of jazz music. Founded in 1948 by jazz fan and promoter Albert Marx. Wikipedia

  • Record label, based in Sheffield and known for its releases of free improvisation, experimental and contemporary classical music. Founded by television sound recordist Simon Reynell, who also engineers and produces most of the label's recordings. Wikipedia

  • Nova (RL Grime album)

    Second studio album by American trap music producer RL Grime, who is also known as Henry Steinway; it was released by American record label WeDidIt on July 27, 2018. The album consists of 15 songs, which include collaborations with Miguel, Julia Michaels, Chief Keef, Ty Dolla Sign, 24HRS and Joji. Wikipedia

  • Singaporean production company known for its YouTube channel, Ryan Sylvia. Known for their comedy videos, travelogues, lifestyle videos, as well as their food review series, Food King. Wikipedia

  • Capitol Records

    American record label owned by Universal Music Group through its Capitol Music Group imprint. Founded as the first West Coast-based record label "of note" in the United States in 1942 by Johnny Mercer, Buddy DeSylva, and Glenn E. Wallichs. Wikipedia

  • New York-based record label that releases primarily indie rock music. Run by its founder, Carter Matschullat and is distributed by Redeye Distribution in the US. Wikipedia

  • American record label based in Chicago, Illinois, known for its no wave and free jazz recordings. Atavistic has released albums by Glenn Branca, Nels Cline, Lydia Lunch, Peter Brötzmann, Ken Vandermark, Pinetop Seven, Swans, Elliott Sharp, Larry Ochs, Mars, Davey Williams, Brian Harnetty, Zeena Parkins, and Poem Rocket, among others. Wikipedia

  • Alex Tronic Records

    Record label based in Scotland who primarily release electronic music. Their current artists include Alex Tronic, ÅsA, Becki Bardot, Keser, Pockets of Resistance, Binary Zero, Iain Carnegie, Marvin Wilson, Matthew Leigh Embleton (aka Snakestyle), Minnie Rogers, Neu Gestalt, The Psychedelic Manifesto, Roys Iron DNA, 30K, Integra TV, Forward Play, Metaltech, Pixlface, Melvitronica and Fiolent V. Wikipedia

  • American record label owned by Universal Music Group through its Interscope Geffen A&M imprint. Founded in late 1990 by Jimmy Iovine and Ted Field as a $20 million joint venture with Warner Music Group's Atlantic Records. Wikipedia

  • De Montfort Music

    American record label specializing in sacred music, primarily that of the Catholic Church. Founded in 2012 by Monica and Kevin Fitzgibbons. Wikipedia

  • Astralwerks

    American record label primarily focused on electronic and dance music that is owned by Universal Music Group. Distributed via Capitol Music Group in the United States. Wikipedia

  • American record label established by David Geffen and owned by Universal Music Group through its Interscope Geffen A&M Records imprint. Relaunching with longtime A&R Neil Jacobson as President, who reports to John Janick, CEO and chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M. Wikipedia

  • Canadian independent electronic dance music record label based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Changed to four releases a week. Wikipedia

  • American record label and British distributor known for its budget album releases of sound-alike recordings, bargain bin reissues and repackagings under the brands Design, Bravo , Hurrah, Grand Prix, and children's records on the Cricket and Happy Time labels. Also known for distributing music by smaller labels like Sonny Lester's Groove Merchant, Gene Redd's De-Lite Records, Chart Records and the Swedish label Sonet Records . Wikipedia

  • Record label the Japanese game development company Capcom uses for its releases. Its name derives from the full name of Capcom: "(CAP)(SULE) (COM)(PUTER)(S)". Wikipedia

  • Name used by the US Department of State's Arabic Media Hub for its Twitter account and YouTube channel. The name, "USAbilAraby," means "USA in Arabic." Wikipedia

  • American record label that concentrates primarily on heavy metal and hard rock bands. Division of Warner Music Group and is based in New York City. Wikipedia

  • YouTube (channel)

    YouTube's official video channel for spotlighting videos and events on YouTube. Events shown on the channel include YouTube Comedy Week and the YouTube Music Awards. Wikipedia

  • Record label established as part of President Records in the United Kingdom, primarily to release records in Britain from American sources. Formed in 1968 and released records until 1976. Wikipedia

  • Stateside Records

    British record label, owned by Warner Music Group and operates through its Parlophone and Warner Records imprints. Now a reissue label. Wikipedia

  • Goldband Records

    American record label based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, founded in 1945 and best known for its Cajun and R&B recordings in the 1950s and 1960s. Nearly always 90% hype and 10% record". Wikipedia

  • Music division of professional wrestling organisation Impact Wrestling; primarily serving as a record label to release the entrance themes of wrestlers and performers. Composed by Dale Oliver, who has been with the company since its inception in 2002. Wikipedia

  • MCA Records

    American record label owned by MCA Inc., which later gave way to the larger MCA Music Entertainment Group , which the label was part of until its dissolution in 2003. Still an active imprint of Universal Music Group Nashville. Wikipedia

  • Paramount Records

    American record label known for its recordings of jazz and blues in the 1920s and early 1930s, including such artists as Ma Rainey and Blind Lemon Jefferson. Founded in 1917 by United Phonographs, a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Chair Company, which trademarked its record brand from Port Washington and began issuing records the following year on the Puritan and Paramount labels. Wikipedia

  • Irritable Hedgehog Music

    Kansas City-based record label, focused primarily on minimalist music and electroacoustic music. Original organized as the publishing imprint for David D. McIntire's compositions. Wikipedia

  • Liquicity

    Dutch liquid drum and bass record label, YouTube channel and events promoter, run by Maris Goudzwaard and Mark van der Schoot since 2011. Entirely new subculture within Drum & Bass. Wikipedia


Sentences forTrap Nation

  • A remix version of the song, released on the YouTube remix channel Trap Nation, has over 30 million views on YouTube.Lenka-Wikipedia
  • The song received significant attention after being posted to the Trap Nation YouTube channel, and, as of October 29, 2018, the video has received over 170 million views.I'd Love to Change the World-Wikipedia
  • One of his most notable videos was his one on Trap Nation, a popular music YouTuber that he claimed was hacking, buying malware and spreading Trojan viruses using his YouTube channel.Vexxed-Wikipedia
  • The EP had good critical reception, landing barnacle boi at the #5 spot on Trap Nation's Top 5 List for Diplo's Revolution Radio on Sirius XM Channel 52.Barnacle Boi-Wikipedia
  • Over the last several years, HARBER has provided standout remixes for the GRAMMY Award-winning "Tequila" by Dan + Shay, “Solo” by Prismo [PRMD Music], "Love Lies" by Khalid & Normani , ”Don’t Call” from Lost Kings , his Trap Nation Radio & Crankdat supported remix of The Chainsmokers "Sick Boy" , Fountains of Wayne, 3LAU & more.HARBER-Wikipedia

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