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Administrative headquarters of the Trincomalee District and major resort port city of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. Wikipedia

  • Koneswaram Temple

    Classical-medieval Hindu temple complex in Trincomalee, a Hindu religious pilgrimage centre in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. Built significantly during the reign of the early Cholas and the Five Dravidians of the Early Pandyan Kingdom atop Konesar Malai, a promontory overlooking Trincomalee District, Gokarna bay and the Indian Ocean. Wikipedia

  • Alphabetical list of topics related to Sri Lanka. .lk Wikipedia

  • Sri Lankan Tamils

    Sri Lankan Tamils, also known as Eelam Tamils or simply Tamils, are members of the Tamil ethnic group native to the South Asian island state of Sri Lanka. Today, they constitute a majority in the Northern Province, live in significant numbers in the Eastern Province and are in the minority throughout the rest of the country. Wikipedia

  • Batticaloa

    Major city in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, and its former capital. Administrative capital of the Batticaloa District. Wikipedia

  • In Sri Lanka, districts (දිස්ත්‍රි‌ක්‌ක, மாவட்டம்) are the second-level administrative divisions, and are included in a province. There are 25 districts organized into 9 provinces. Wikipedia

  • Small village in the eastern Trincomalee District of Sri Lanka. Situated about 25 miles north of Trincomalee town through Nilaveli. Wikipedia


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