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Island country in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and situated about midway between Hawaii and Australia. Wikipedia

  • History of Tuvalu

    The first inhabitants of Tuvalu were Polynesians, so the origins of the people of Tuvalu can be traced to the spread of humans out of Southeast Asia, from Taiwan, via Melanesia and across the Pacific islands of Polynesia. Various names were given to individual islands by the captains and chartmakers on visiting European ships. Wikipedia

  • Gilbert and Ellice Islands

    The Gilbert and Ellice Islands (GEIC as a colony) in the Pacific Ocean were part of the British Empire from 1892 to 1976. They were a protectorate from 1892 to 12 January 1916, and then a colony until 1 January 1976. Wikipedia

  • Polynesia

    Subregion of Oceania, made up of more than 1,000 islands scattered over the central and southern Pacific Ocean. The indigenous people who inhabit the islands of Polynesia are called Polynesians. Wikipedia

  • History of the Pacific Islands

    History of the Pacific Islands covers the history of the islands in the Pacific Ocean. One of the youngest inhabited territories on Earth, and for most of the History of Easter Island it was the most isolated inhabited territory on Earth. Wikipedia

  • Geography of Tuvalu

    The Western Pacific nation of Tuvalu, formerly known as the Ellice Islands. Situated 4000 km northeast of Australia and is approximately halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Wikipedia

  • Kiribati

    Independent island nation in the central Pacific Ocean. Over 119,000 , more than half of whom live on Tarawa atoll. Wikipedia


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