Ships similar to or like USS Astoria (AK-8)

Steel-hulled, coal-burning steam cargo ship of the United States Navy. Wikipedia

  • Steel-hulled cargo ship which saw service as an auxiliary with the United States Navy in World War I. Laid down for mercantile service as Nikkosan Maru, but following America's entry into the war, was requisitioned by the United States Shipping Board and commissioned into the U.S. Navy as the supply ship USS Indiana. Wikipedia

  • Steel–hulled cargo ship built in 1918 as part of the United States Shipping Boards emergency World War I shipbuilding program. Delivered just weeks before the end of the war and immediately commissioned into the U.S. Navy as USS West Humhaw , but completed only one relief mission on the Navy's behalf before decommissioning in January 1919. Wikipedia

  • United States Navy cargo ship in commission from 1918 to 1919. She later served the government of the Soviet Union as SS Nevastroi for many years. Wikipedia

  • Steel-hulled, single-screw cargo ship that served in the United States Navy from 1918 to 1919. Sunk during World War II. Wikipedia

  • Cargo ship acquired by the U.S. Navy for service in World War I. The first Long Beach commissioned by the Navy, (No. Wikipedia

  • Steam cargo ship built in 1918–1919 by Northwest Steel Company of Portland for the United States Shipping Board as part of the wartime shipbuilding program of the Emergency Fleet Corporation to restore the nation's Merchant Marine. Commissioned into the Naval Overseas Transportation Service of the United States Navy in January 1919 and after only one overseas trip was decommissioned four months later and returned to the USSB. Wikipedia

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