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Colloquial name adopted by the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, to describe its consolidated city–county government. Wikipedia

  • Indianapolis

    State capital and most-populous city of the U.S. state of Indiana and the seat of Marion County. 886,220. Wikipedia

  • Mayor-council, consolidated city-county system. Headed by the elected mayor, and the legislative branch is made up of the 25-member City-County Council. Wikipedia

  • Indianapolis City-County Council

    Legislative body of the combined government, known as Unigov, of the city of Indianapolis and the county of Marion in the state of Indiana. Formally established in 1970 upon the merger of the city government with the county government. Wikipedia

  • City-County Building (Indianapolis)

    28-story building at 200 East Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, that houses the offices of the consolidated city-county government of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana, known as Unigov. The building opened in 1962 after two years of construction, at a cost of $22 million. Wikipedia

  • List of mayors of Indianapolis

    Head of the executive branch of the consolidated city-county government of Indianapolis and Marion County. As the chief executive, the mayor has the duty to oversee city-county government's various departments, agencies, and municipal corporations. Wikipedia

  • Timeline of Indianapolis

    Timeline of the history of the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 1816 Wikipedia


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