Geopolitical organizations similar to or like United Nations

Intergovernmental organization that aims to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, and be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations. Wikipedia

  • Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

    World's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization. Its mandate includes issues such as arms control, promotion of human rights, freedom of the press, and fair elections. Wikipedia

  • League of Nations

    The first worldwide intergovernmental organisation whose principal mission was to maintain world peace. Founded on 10 January 1920 following the Paris Peace Conference that ended the First World War, it ceased operations on 20 April 1946. Wikipedia

  • International Criminal Court

    Intergovernmental organization and international tribunal that sits in The Hague, Netherlands. First and only permanent international court with jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. Wikipedia

  • South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

    Regional intergovernmental organization and geopolitical union of states in South Asia. Its member states are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Wikipedia

  • OPEC

    Intergovernmental organization of countries. Not an OPEC member state. Wikipedia

  • Turkic Council

    International organization comprising some of the Turkic countries consisting of Turkey and four former Soviet republics. Intergovernmental organization whose overarching aim is promoting comprehensive cooperation among Turkic states. Wikipedia


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