Newspapers similar to or like Vancouver Sun

Daily newspaper first published in British Columbia on 12 February 1912. Wikipedia

  • Toronto Sun

    English-language tabloid newspaper published daily in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. First published on November 1, 1971, the Monday after the demise of the Toronto Telegram, a conservative broadsheet. Wikipedia

  • Postmedia Network

    Canadian media conglomerate consisting of the publishing properties of the former Canwest, with primary operations in newspaper publishing, news gathering and Internet operations. The company's strategy has seen its publications invest greater resources in digital news gathering and distribution, including expanded websites and digital news apps for smartphones and tablets. Wikipedia

  • Edmonton Sun

    Daily newspaper and news website published in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Owned by Postmedia following its 2015 acquisition of Sun Media from Quebecor. Wikipedia

  • List of newspapers printed and distributed in Canada. Airdrie – Airdrie Echo Wikipedia

  • Winnipeg Sun

    Daily tabloid newspaper in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Owned by Postmedia following its acquisition of Sun Media, and shares many characteristics typical of Sun tabloids, including an emphasis on local news stories, extensive sports coverage, a Canadian conservatism editorial stance, and a daily Sunshine Girl. Wikipedia

  • Sun Media

    The owner of several tabloid and broadsheet newspapers in Canada and the 49 percent owner of the now defunct Sun News Network. Subsidiary of Quebecor Media. Wikipedia

  • Calgary Sun

    Daily newspaper published in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Owned by Postmedia. Wikipedia

  • Daily newspaper published in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Owned by Postmedia Network, and operated by its Sun Media Division, which also manages the daily Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun and Fort McMurray Today and several weekly newspapers throughout Alberta. Wikipedia

  • Broadcaster, columnist and former editor-in-chief of Sun News, a group of five tabloid newspapers in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton owned by Postmedia Network. Previously a Canadian management consultant, and political strategist Wikipedia

  • The Province

    Daily newspaper published in tabloid format in British Columbia by Pacific Newspaper Group, a division of Postmedia Network, alongside the Vancouver Sun broadsheet newspaper. Together, they are British Columbia's only two major newspapers. Wikipedia

  • Tally of newspaper and magazine endorsements in the 2011 Canadian federal election. Newspaper endorsements in the Canadian federal election, 2015 Wikipedia

  • Tally of newspaper and magazine endorsements in the 2015 Canadian federal election. Endorsements are organized by ownership and/or publisher, as the owner sometimes sets the endorsement policy of the paper, occasionally overriding the editorial board. Wikipedia

  • Tally of newspaper and magazine endorsements in the 2006 Canadian federal election:  Wikipedia

  • The Sault Star

    Canadian broadsheet daily newspaper based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Owned by Postmedia. Wikipedia

  • List of Canada's top twenty-four newspapers by 2015 daily circulation. History of Canadian newspapers Wikipedia

  • The Sudbury Star

    Canadian daily regional newspaper published in Sudbury, Ontario. Owned by the media company, Postmedia. Wikipedia

  • Daily broadsheet newspaper published in Ottawa, Ontario, from 1885 to 1980. Founded in 1885 by A. Woodburn as the Ottawa Evening Journal. Wikipedia

  • Daily newspaper (Monday to Saturday) published in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. The paper serves the area of Perth County, Ontario. Wikipedia

  • The London Free Press

    Daily newspaper based in London, Ontario, Canada. It has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Southwestern Ontario. Wikipedia

  • Edmonton Journal

    Daily newspaper in Edmonton, Alberta. Part of the Postmedia Network. Wikipedia

  • Newspaper once published in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 1888 by John McLagan, the editor of the paper. Wikipedia

  • Canadian daily newspaper published weekdays in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia for 141 years until ceasing publication in January 2016. Black Press, which also publishes the Alberni Valley Times and the Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle, and several other weekly newspapers on the island. Wikipedia

  • National Post

    Canadian English-language newspaper. Flagship publication of Postmedia Network, and is published Tuesdays through Saturdays. Wikipedia

  • Calgary Herald

    Daily newspaper published in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Publication began in 1883 as The Calgary Herald, Mining and Ranche Advocate, and General Advertiser. Wikipedia

  • Woodstock Sentinel-Review

    Local daily newspaper that serves Woodstock, Ontario and Oxford County in the Canadian province of Ontario. Ended November 19, 2018. Wikipedia

  • Canadian daily newspaper published weekdays in Port Alberni, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia until it was closed in 2015 by the Black Press. Owned by Black Press, which also published the Nanaimo Daily News and several weekly newspapers on the island. Wikipedia

  • Times Colonist

    English-language daily newspaper in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Formed by the merger in 1980 of the Victoria Daily Times, established in 1884, and the British Colonist , established in 1858 by Amor De Cosmos who was later British Columbia's second Premier. Wikipedia

  • The Kamloops Daily News

    Local daily newspaper in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Owned by Glacier Media. Wikipedia

  • Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)

    Daily English-language newspaper published in Colombo, Sri Lanka, by Wijeya Newspapers. Sunday Times. Wikipedia

  • Daily FT

    Daily English-language newspaper published in Colombo, Sri Lanka, by Wijeya Newspapers. Its sister newspaper The Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka) and its Sunday counterpart Sunday Times are among the important newspapers in Sri Lanka. Wikipedia


Sentences forVancouver Sun

  • Fifteen years later, Bure's goal and McLean's save were ranked first and second in a Vancouver Sun article listing the "40 most memorable moments in team history."Vancouver Canucks-Wikipedia
  • In 2002, he told the Vancouver Sun that he initially enjoyed working on the show, but began to care too much about the series, so it was no longer fun for him.Ryan Gosling-Wikipedia
  • In 1951, a group led by Ken Stauffer and Tiny Radar were inspired by Vancouver Sun columnist Andy Lytle's article to start a new football team in Vancouver that would play in the WIFU.BC Lions-Wikipedia
  • He explained to the Vancouver Sun in 1988 that he wanted his act to have "that grey area where anything could happen – where I can cut my head off by accident and people will go, 'wow, that's great'".Skinny Puppy-Wikipedia
  • In 2008, an editorial in the Vancouver Sun criticized French immersion programs for having become a way for higher socioeconomic groups to obtain a publicly funded elite track education.French immersion-Wikipedia
  • On 4 December 2016, the Vancouver Sun reported that some individuals who were subject to the automatic loss of citizenship had only discovered that they were no longer Canadian citizens while dealing with the federal government.Canadian nationality law-Wikipedia
  • She was seven when a school assignment, a poem she wrote titled "A Little Boy", was entered in a contest run by the Vancouver Sun.Yvonne De Carlo-Wikipedia
  • Gary Kingston writing for the Vancouver Sun took the best written category.2010 Winter Paralympics-Wikipedia
  • In Canwest v. Horizon, the publisher of the Vancouver Sun launched a lawsuit against a group which had published a pro-Palestinian parody of the paper.Parody-Wikipedia
  • By 2012, partly due to coverage of Air India Flight 182, coverage of Punjabi issues in The Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, and other mainstream Canadian newspapers had increased.Indo-Canadians-Wikipedia
  • According to the Vancouver Sun, it's unclear whether or not Canada's anti-human trafficking statute can be effectively applied against the FLDS's pre-2005 activities, because the statute may not be able to be applied retroactively.Sexual slavery-Wikipedia
  • Though considered by critics to be among the best actors working in television at the time, in 1960, McGavin told the Vancouver Sun that he disliked most television, likening it to purgatory for a working actor.Darren McGavin-Wikipedia
  • In December 2010, the team wore a Christmas-themed Santa Jersey which was featured as the number 22 worst jersey in an article in the Vancouver Sun.Las Vegas Wranglers-Wikipedia
  • An Atlanta Thrashers' employee cryptically told the Vancouver Sun "We know Dany very well. There is always a reason why these things happen."Dany Heatley-Wikipedia
  • In 2014, the Vancouver Sun reported that there were 260 social services and housing sites in the greater DTES area, spending $360 million per year.Downtown Eastside-Wikipedia
  • According to the Vancouver Sun, it is unclear whether Canada's anti-human trafficking statute can be effectively applied against the FLDS's pre-2005 activities, as it may not apply retroactively.Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints-Wikipedia
  • Francois Marchand of the Vancouver Sun called the song "shiver-inducing".Empire State of Mind-Wikipedia
  • The Province is a daily newspaper published in tabloid format in British Columbia by Pacific Newspaper Group, a division of Postmedia Network, alongside the Vancouver Sun broadsheet newspaper.The Province-Wikipedia
  • Following the game, Vancouver Sun columnist Iain MacIntyre compared him to a rocket, calling him "the fastest Soviet creation since Sputnik".Pavel Bure-Wikipedia
  • The neighbourhood's issues are most visible in a stretch of Hastings Street around Main Street, which the Vancouver Sun described in 2006 as "four blocks of hell."Downtown Eastside-Wikipedia
  • Board chair Rod Phillips has cited the Vancouver market, in which the two main daily newspapers, the Vancouver Sun and The Province, have had common ownership for over 30 years, as evidence that the deal would not be anticompetitive.Postmedia Network-Wikipedia
  • The Province had been the best selling newspaper in Vancouver, ahead of the Vancouver Sun and News Herald.The Province-Wikipedia
  • Outside Toronto, the Post was built on the printing and distribution infrastructure of Hollinger's national newspaper chain, formerly called Southam Newspapers, that included the newspapers Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, and Vancouver Sun.National Post-Wikipedia
  • Kurt Orzeck of the Vancouver Sun has reported that "due to the poor performance of Happy Feet Two, 600 of the 700 employees at the Sydney-based Dr. D. Studios, the digital production studio behind the animated movie, have reportedly received their walking papers."Happy Feet Two-Wikipedia
  • Iain MacIntyre of the Vancouver Sun described Moore as "tall and fair-haired with wire-rimmed glasses" and someone who "possessed a wholesome, innocent bearing and boyish enthusiasm that was infectious."Greg Moore (racing driver)-Wikipedia
  • After losing Game 6 by a 5–2 score in Boston, Daniel told Vancouver Sun reporters, "We're going to win Game 7."Daniel Sedin-Wikipedia
  • The Vancouver Sun in 2001 reported that Sai Baba told his adherents not to browse the internet.Sathya Sai Baba-Wikipedia
  • Clark also served as a weekly columnist for the Vancouver Province and the Vancouver Sun newspapers during the 2005 provincial election and an election analyst for Global BC and CTV News Channel during the 2006 federal election.Christy Clark-Wikipedia
  • She then married former Vancouver Sun sports writer Ian Walker in 2007; they divorced in 2011.Bif Naked-Wikipedia
  • She has done hosting work for the CBC Television series ZeD (becoming their first host in 2002), and for Bodog, hosting Bodog Fight in 2006 as well as a reality series chronicling the days leading up to her marriage with Vancouver Sun sports writer, Ian Walker, in 2007 called Bif Naked Bride.Bif Naked-Wikipedia

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