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Prime minister of the Vāghelā king Vīradhavala and his successor Vīsaladeva, who ruled in present-day Gujarat region of India, in the early 13th century. Wikipedia

  • Māru-Gurjara architecture

    Style of north Indian temple architecture that originated in Gujarat and Rajasthan from the 11th to 13th centuries, under the Chaulukya dynasty . Although originating as a regional style in Hindu temple architecture, it became especially popular in Jain temples and, mainly under Jain patronage, later spread across India and to diaspora communities around the world. Wikipedia

  • Vaghela dynasty

    <mapframe text="Find spots of the inscriptions issued during the Vaghela reign (map of India)." width="400" height="400" zoom="6" longitude="71.191" latitude="22.472" align="right"> Wikipedia

  • Jethwa dynasty

    Dynasty that ruled over present day Gujarat region of India from 7th century AD till middle of 20th century, when India became independent. Rajput dynasty ruled by Jethwa clan of Rajputs. Wikipedia

  • Chudasama dynasty

    The Chudasama dynasty ruled parts of the present-day Saurashtra region of Gujarat state in India between the 9th and 15th centuries. Based in Junagadh and Vamanasthali, and they were later classified among the Rajput clans. Wikipedia

  • Chavda dynasty

    The Chavda (IAST:Chávaḍá), also spelled Chawda or Chavada dynasty ruled the region of modern-day Gujarat in India, from c. 690 to 942. Variants of the name for the dynasty include Chapa, Chaparana, Chahuda, Chávoṭakas and Chāpoṭkata. Wikipedia

  • Chaulukya dynasty

    <mapframe text="Find spots of inscriptions issued during the Chaulukya rule." width="300" height="300" zoom="5" longitude="75.13" latitude="23.64"> Wikipedia


    Sentences forVastupala

    • It was the centre for the ships coming from China and Sindh in the 12th century minister Vastupala had established a library in Bharuch.Bharuch-Wikipedia
    • More than fifty temples were built by Vastupala and Tejapala apart from large number of renovations and image installations.Vaghela dynasty-Wikipedia
    • The original temple on the site was Kalyanatraya temple dedicated to Neminatha built by Tejapala, brother of Vastupala.Girnar-Wikipedia
    • After Viradhavala's death, the minister Vastupala helped Visaladeva succeed his father.Vaghela dynasty-Wikipedia
    • The original temple on the site was Kalyanatraya temple dedicated to Neminatha built by Tejapala, brother of Vastupala.Girnar Jain temples-Wikipedia
    • The Chaulukya court poet Someshvara describes the dynasty as "Chaulukya" (in Kirti-Kaumudi) and "Chulukya" (in the Abu inscription of Vastupala and Tejapala).Chaulukya dynasty-Wikipedia

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