Rail lines similar to or like Victoria line

London Underground line that runs between in south London and in the north-east, via the West End. Wikipedia

  • Jubilee line

    London Underground line that runs between in east London and in the suburban north-west, via the Docklands, South Bank and West End. Newest line on the network, although some sections of track date back to 1932 and some stations to 1879. Wikipedia

  • Bakerloo line

    London Underground line that runs between in suburban north-west London and in south London, via the West End. Coloured brown on the Tube map, it serves 25 stations, 15 of which are below ground, over 14.4 mi. It runs partly on the surface and partly in deep level tube tunnels. Wikipedia

  • Northern line

    London Underground line that runs from south-west to north-west London, with two branches through central London and three in north London. It runs northwards from its southern terminus at in the borough of Merton to in Southwark, where it divides into two central branches, one via in the West End and the other via in the City. Wikipedia

  • Central line (London Underground)

    London Underground line that runs through central London, from, Essex, in the north-east to and in the west. One of only two lines on the Underground network to cross the Greater London boundary, the other being the Metropolitan line. Wikipedia

  • District line

    London Underground line that runs from in the east to in west London, where it splits into a number of branches. One branch runs to in south-west London and one runs north to Edgware Road. Wikipedia

  • Piccadilly line

    Deep level London Underground line running from the north to the west of London. It has two branches, which split at Acton Town, and serves 53 stations. Wikipedia


    Sentences forVictoria line

    • This land had previously been the site of reservoirs which were filled in with earth excavated during the construction of the Victoria line.St Paul's School, London-Wikipedia
    • Also during the 1960s, the Victoria line was dug under central London and, unlike the earlier tunnels, did not follow the roads above.London Underground-Wikipedia
    • The construction of the Victoria line and its interchange at King's Cross was seen by British Rail as an opportunity to modernise the station.London King's Cross railway station-Wikipedia
    • The first metro line to use this technology in its entirety was London's Victoria line, opened in 1968.Rapid transit-Wikipedia
    • In February 2018 the service extended to Highbury & Islington, which interchanges with overnight services of the Victoria line.London Overground-Wikipedia
    • The completion of the Victoria line and redevelopment of Angel tube station created the conditions for developers to renovate many of the early Victorian and Georgian townhouses.Islington-Wikipedia

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