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Vikings were the seafaring Norse people from southern Scandinavia (present-day Denmark, Norway and Sweden)<ref name="Definition_Scholarly"> Wikipedia

  • Viking Age

    The period during the Middle Ages when Norsemen known as Vikings undertook large-scale raiding, colonizing, conquest and trading throughout Europe, and reached North America. It followed the Migration Period and the Germanic Iron Age. Wikipedia

  • Norsemen

    The Norsemen (or Norse people) were a North Germanic ethnolinguistic group of the Early Middle Ages, during which they spoke the Old Norse language. Predecessor of the modern Germanic languages of Scandinavia. Wikipedia

  • Old Norse

    The term Old Norse can also refer specifically to Old West Norse. North Germanic language that was spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and their overseas settlements from about the 7th to the 15th centuries. Wikipedia

  • Early Middle Ages

    Historians typically regard the Early Middle Ages or Early Medieval Period, sometimes referred to as the Dark Ages, as lasting from the late 5th or early 6th century to the 10th century AD. They marked the start of the Middle Ages of European history. Used to emphasize developments characteristic of the earlier medieval period. Wikipedia

  • Varangian Guard

    Elite unit of the Byzantine Army from the tenth to the fourteenth century. The members served as personal bodyguards to the Byzantine Emperors. Wikipedia

  • Trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks

    Medieval trade route that connected Scandinavia, Kievan Rus' and the Eastern Roman Empire. The route allowed merchants along its length to establish a direct prosperous trade with the Empire, and prompted some of them to settle in the territories of present-day Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Wikipedia


    Sentences forVikings

    • The Atlantic and northern shores were harassed by the Vikings, who also raided the British Isles and settled there as well as in Iceland.Middle Ages-Wikipedia
    • The Norman Hauteville family, descendants of Vikings, appreciated and admired the rich and layered culture in which they now found themselves.Sicily-Wikipedia
    • It is believed that the first European to explore the east coast of Canada was Norse explorer Leif Erikson.Canada-Wikipedia
    • Originally a Viking fishing village established in the 10th century in the vicinity of what is now Gammel Strand, Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark in the early 15th century.Copenhagen-Wikipedia
    • From the 9th to the 11th centuries, coastal Balts were subjected to raids by the Vikings, and the kings of Denmark collected tribute at times.Lithuania-Wikipedia
    • The Vikings established Danelaw over much of eastern and northern England; its boundary stretched roughly from London to Chester.London-Wikipedia

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