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Visa requirements for Philippine citizens are administrative entry restrictions imposed on citizens of the Philippines by the authorities of other territories. Wikipedia

  • List of passport offices in the Philippines

    Document issued by the Government of the Philippines to citizens of the Republic of the Philippines requesting other governments to allow them to pass safely and freely. Both a travel document and a national identity document that enables the bearer to travel internationally. Wikipedia

  • Philippine national identity card

    Official national identity card for Filipino citizens worldwide and foreign permanent residents in the Philippines. Significant part of the Philippine Identification System , the national identification system to be implemented by the Philippine government. Wikipedia

  • Philippine passport

    Both a travel document and a primary national identity document issued to citizens of the Philippines. Issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Philippine diplomatic missions abroad, with certain exceptions. Wikipedia

  • Visa policy of the Philippines

    Governed by Commonwealth Act No. 613, also known as the Philippine Immigration Act, and by subsequent legislation amending it. Jointly enforced by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Bureau of Immigration (BI). Wikipedia

  • Filipinos

    Filipinos are the people who are native to or citizens of the country of the Philippines. Filipinos come from various Austronesian ethnolinguistic groups. Wikipedia

  • Philippine nationality law

    Based upon the principles of jus sanguinis and therefore descent from a parent who is a citizen or national of the Republic of the Philippines is the primary method of acquiring Philippine citizenship. Contrasted with the legal principle of jus soli where being born on the soil of a country, even to foreign parents, grants one citizenship. Wikipedia

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