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Citizen army of part-time rifle, artillery and engineer corps, created as a popular movement throughout the British Empire in 1859. Wikipedia

  • 1st Northamptonshire Rifle Volunteer Corps

    The 1st Northamptonshire Rifle Volunteers were a unit of the British Army raised from 1859 onwards as a group of originally separate Rifle Volunteer Corps (RVCs). They later became the 4th Volunteer Battalion of the Northamptonshire Regiment and saw action in the Gallipoli and Palestine campaigns during the First World War. Wikipedia

  • Liverpool Rifles

    Unit of the Territorial Army, part of the British Army, formed in Lancashire as a 'Rifle Volunteer Corps' in 1859, becoming a battalion of the King's Regiment (Liverpool) in 1881. It saw action on the Western Front in the First World War and later became a searchlight unit of the Royal Artillery in the Second World War. Wikipedia

  • 1st Surrey Rifles

    Volunteer unit of the British Army from 1859 until 1993. It saw considerable service on the Western Front, at Salonika and in Palestine during World War I. Wikipedia

  • 4th (Glasgow, 1st Northern) Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteer Corps

    Scottish Volunteer unit of the British Army. Originally raised in Glasgow in 1859, it later became a battalion of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Wikipedia

  • 1st Durham Rifle Volunteers

    Part-time unit of the British Army from 1860 to the 1950s. Beginning from small independent corps of the Volunteer Force recruited in County Durham and Teesside, it became part of the Territorial Force and served as infantry in some of the bloodiest actions of World War I. Wikipedia

  • Swansea Rifles

    Volunteer unit of the British Army from 1859 to 1954. It fought on the Western Front in World War I. Wikipedia


    Sentences forVolunteer Force

    • The invasion scare also led to the re-establishment of the Volunteer Force as a permanent (though only part-time, except when embodied for emergencies) branch of the British military.Royal Garrison Artillery-Wikipedia
    • In 1891 a headquarters building was constructed in the West Court (between the West Wing and the New Wing) for the Civil Service Rifles, a Rifle Volunteer Corps.Somerset House-Wikipedia
    • The Bermuda Militia Artillery and Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps regulations, respectively, were identical to those of the Militia Artillery and Volunteer Force units in the United Kingdom.Royal Bermuda Regiment-Wikipedia
    • Although the regiment was formed by two regular regiments, it in-fact controlled other units which were of the former Militia and Volunteer Force, including:Gordon Highlanders-Wikipedia
    • An invasion scare of 1857 saw the creation of the Volunteer Force which included both Engineer and Rifle Volunteer Corps and which in the case of the Tower Hamlets supplemented the existing militia.Tower division-Wikipedia
    • Volunteer Force units were also frequently raised during wartime and disbanded upon peace.British Army-Wikipedia

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