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German Nazi, jurist, police chief, SS-Obergruppenführer and Nazi Party leader and theoretician from Darmstadt, Hesse. Wikipedia

  • Heinrich Himmler

    Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (Protection Squadron; SS), and a leading member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) of Germany. One of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and a main architect of the Holocaust. Wikipedia

  • Waffen-SS

    The military branch of the Nazi Party's SS organisation. Its formations included men from Nazi Germany, along with volunteers and conscripts from both occupied and unoccupied lands. Wikipedia

  • German SS-Obersturmbannführer and Nazi official. The leader of Einsatzkommando 1/IV in Poland and later served as chief of the Sicherheitsdienst and the Sicherheitspolizei (SiPo) in Poznań (Posen) and Magdeburg. Wikipedia

  • Karl Wolff

    German SS functionary and war criminal. Chief of Personal Staff Reichsführer-SS and an SS liaison to Adolf Hitler until his replacement in 1943. Wikipedia

  • Economist, a jurist, an SS-Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant colonel), leader of Einsatzkommando 8 of Einsatzgruppe B of the Security Police (Sicherheitspolizei or SiPo) and the SD, and Commander of the Security Police in Litzmannstadt (Łódź) and Potsdam. Born in 1903 in Zweibrücken as the second of grocery salesman Karl Bradfisch's four children. Wikipedia

  • Adolf Eichmann

    German-Austrian SS-Obersturmbannführer and one of the major organizers of the Holocaust—the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question" in Nazi terminology. Tasked by SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich with facilitating and managing the logistics involved in the mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe during World War II. Wikipedia


    Sentences forWerner Best

    • The SS officer Werner Best, one-time head of legal affairs in the Gestapo, summed up this policy by saying, "As long as the police carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally".Gestapo-Wikipedia
    • Peiper was later called as a witness during the Werner Best trial, where he was confronted about his role as Himmler's adjutant.Joachim Peiper-Wikipedia
    • Former SS general Werner Best once described Canaris as an "inveterate nationalist", correspondingly asserting that he (Canaris) felt the Nazis were much better "than anything that had gone before."Wilhelm Canaris-Wikipedia
    • After the war, Bruno Streckenbach testified that Werner Best had directed deployment orders directly to him at the end of July or beginning of August.Bruno Streckenbach-Wikipedia
    • Often present at these equestrian outings were Heydrich and Werner Best.Walter Schellenberg-Wikipedia
    • Nazi jurist and former police chief, SS-Obergruppenführer Werner Best opined Müller represented one of the "finest examples" of the limited connection between members of the NSDAP and the police before 1933.Heinrich Müller (Gestapo)-Wikipedia

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