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Part of that continent that lies within the Western Hemisphere, and includes the Antarctic Peninsula. Wikipedia

  • Antarctica

    Earth's southernmost continent. Situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere, almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, and is surrounded by the Southern Ocean. Wikipedia

  • Transantarctic Mountains

    The Transantarctic Mountains (abbreviated TAM) comprise a mountain range of uplifted (primarily sedimentary) rock in Antarctica which extend, with some interruptions, across the continent from Cape Adare in northern Victoria Land to Coats Land. These mountains divide East Antarctica and West Antarctica. Wikipedia

  • West Antarctic Ice Sheet

    Segment of the continental ice sheet that covers West Antarctica, the portion of Antarctica on the side of the Transantarctic Mountains that lies in the Western Hemisphere. Classified as a marine-based ice sheet, meaning that its bed lies well below sea level and its edges flow into floating ice shelves. Wikipedia

  • Antarctandes

    Mountain range that is located on the northern Antarctic Peninsula, in the Graham Land and Palmer Land regions of Antarctica and may also be considered to extend across the continent. Some geologists consider the Antarctandes a southernmost continuation of the Andes Range System on Antarctica. Wikipedia

  • History of Antarctica

    The history of Antarctica emerges from early Western theories of a vast continent, known as Terra Australis, believed to exist in the far south of the globe. Coined by Marinus of Tyre in the 2nd century AD. Wikipedia

  • Discovery Expedition

    The first official British exploration of the Antarctic regions since the voyage of James Clark Ross sixty years earlier . Then largely an untouched continent. Wikipedia


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