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Formed out of western Virginia and added to the Union as a direct result of the American Civil War , in which it became the only modern state to have declared its independence from the Confederacy. Wikipedia

  • Virginia in the American Civil War

    Virginia became a prominent part of the Confederacy when it joined during the American Civil War. As a Southern slave-holding state, Virginia held the state convention to deal with the secession crisis, and voted against secession on April 4, 1861. Wikipedia

  • History of West Virginia

    One of two American states formed during the American Civil War , along with Nevada, and is the only state to form by seceding from a Confederate state. Originally part of the British Virginia Colony and the western part of the state of Virginia (1776–1863), whose population became sharply divided over the issue of secession from the Union and in the separation from Virginia, formalized by West Virginia's admittance to the Union as a new state in 1863. Wikipedia

  • Confederate States of America

    Unrecognized breakaway state in existence from February 8, 1861, to May 9, 1865, that fought against the United States of America during the American Civil War. The eleven states that seceded from the Union and formed the main part of the CSA were South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Wikipedia

  • Border states (American Civil War)

    In the context of the American Civil War (1861–65), the border states were slave states that did not secede from the Union. They were Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri, and after 1863, the new state of West Virginia. Wikipedia

  • Western Virginia campaign

    The western Virginia campaign, also known as operations in western Virginia or the Rich Mountain campaign, occurred from May to December 1861 during the American Civil War. Union forces under Major General George B. McClellan invaded the western portion of Virginia to prevent Confederate occupation; this area later became the state of West Virginia. Wikipedia

  • Loudoun County in the American Civil War

    Destined to be an area of significant military activity during the American Civil War. Located on Virginia's northern frontier, the Potomac River, Loudoun County became a borderland after Virginia's secession from the Union in early 1861. Wikipedia


    Sentences forWest Virginia in the American Civil War

    • McClellan, who had enjoyed early publicity from a series of successes in western Virginia, was assigned the task of seizing and occupying Richmond.Richmond in the American Civil War-Wikipedia
    • Western Virginia, with few slaves and some industry, was so strongly Unionist that it broke away and formed the new state of West Virginia.Union (American Civil War)-Wikipedia
    • The park was acquired in 1928 and dedicated on July4, 1929, to commemorate one of the largest battles in West Virginia during the American Civil War.List of West Virginia state parks-Wikipedia
    • In the 50 counties that would make up the state of West Virginia, voters from 24 counties had voted for disunion in Virginia's May 23 referendum on the ordinance of secession.Confederate States of America-Wikipedia
    • Delegates from northwestern Virginia's Unionist counties decided to break away from Virginia, which also included secessionist counties in the new state.West Virginia-Wikipedia
    • West Virginia, which had seceded from Virginia in 1863, and Tennessee, which had already been re-admitted in 1866, were not included in the military districts.Reconstruction era-Wikipedia

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