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Assembly of Virginia Southern Unionist delegates from the northwestern counties of Virginia, aimed at repealing the Ordinance of Secession, which had been approved by referendum, subject to a vote. Wikipedia

  • Virginia Conventions

    The Virginia Conventions have been the assemblies of delegates elected for the purpose of establishing constitutions of fundamental law for the Commonwealth of Virginia superior to General Assembly legislation. Their constitutions and subsequent amendments span four centuries across the territory of modern-day Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. Wikipedia

  • Virginia lawyer and politician who also served in the Virginia Senate, United States House of Representatives and voted against secession in the Virginia Secession Convention of 1861. Created, he continued to serve as a federal judge in Union-held territory. Wikipedia

  • East Tennessee Convention

    Assembly of Southern Unionist delegates primarily from East Tennessee that met on three occasions during the Civil War. The Convention most notably declared the secessionist actions taken by the Tennessee state government on the eve of the war unconstitutional, and requested that East Tennessee, where Union support remained strong, be allowed to form a separate state that would remain part of the United States split from the rest of Confederate Tennessee (a la West Virginia). Wikipedia

  • Western Virginia campaign

    The western Virginia campaign, also known as operations in western Virginia or the Rich Mountain campaign, occurred from May to December 1861 during the American Civil War. Union forces under Major General George B. McClellan invaded the western portion of Virginia to prevent Confederate occupation; this area later became the state of West Virginia. Wikipedia

  • Virginia lawyer, one-term delegate in the Virginia House of Delegates and also in the Virginia Secession Convention of 1861. He may be best known for his role as Superintendent of the Harpers Ferry Armory in Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia) during John Brown's raid. Wikipedia

  • John Goode (Virginia politician)

    Virginia Democratic politician, lawyer and slaveowner who served in the Virginia House of Delegates representing Bedford County before the American Civil War, for which he voted during the Virginia Secession Convention, then served in the Confederate Congress and on the staff of General Jubal Early during the conflict. Elected chairman of the Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1902. Wikipedia


    Sentences forWheeling Convention

    • After the 1861 Wheeling Convention, 48 counties in the northwest separated to form a new state of West Virginia, which chose to remain loyal to the Union.Virginia-Wikipedia
    • When this First Wheeling Convention met, 425 delegates from 25 counties were present, though more than one-third of the delegates were from the northern panhandle area.West Virginia-Wikipedia
    • Fifty of them existed at the time of the Wheeling Convention in 1861, before which West Virginia was part of the Commonwealth of Virginia.List of counties in West Virginia-Wikipedia
    • Before the state's admission, Francis H. Pierpont, the, "Father of West Virginia," was elected governor during the Wheeling Convention of 1861.List of governors of West Virginia-Wikipedia
    • On 11 June, the second Wheeling Convention met in that city and Barbour County was again represented by Dayton and Shuttleworth, who were this time joined by N.H. Taft.Barbour County, West Virginia-Wikipedia
    • Unionists held a Convention in Wheeling in June 1861, establishing a "restored government" with a rump legislature, but sentiment in the region remained deeply divided.Confederate States of America-Wikipedia

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