Species similar to or like Woodlouse

Crustacean from the monophyletic suborder Oniscidea within the isopods. Wikipedia

  • Isopoda

    Order of crustaceans that includes woodlice and their relatives. Isopods live in the sea, in fresh water, or on land. Wikipedia

  • Phreatoicidea

    Suborder of isopod crustaceans. Extant species are confined to freshwater environments in South Africa, India, and Oceania. Wikipedia

  • The Microcerberidea are a suborder of isopod crustaceans. They are less than 2 mm long, and live interstitially. Wikipedia

  • Flabellifera

    Former suborder of isopod crustaceans. Polyphyletic or paraphyletic group, and contained over 3000 species. Wikipedia

  • Family of woodlice , terrestrial crustaceans of the order Isopoda. The family Rhyscotidae comprises the following two genera: Wikipedia

  • Asellota

    Suborder of isopod crustaceans found in marine and freshwater environments. Roughly one-quarter of all marine isopods belong to this suborder. Wikipedia


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