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Almost every country in the world participated in World War II. Wikipedia

  • List of country-name etymologies

    This list covers English-language country names with their etymologies. Some of these include notes on indigenous names and their etymologies. Wikipedia

  • List of association football competitions

    List of the association football competitions past and present for international teams and for club football, in individual countries and internationally. Confirmed future competitions, such as the 4 Associations' Tournament, are also included. Wikipedia

  • This list identifies the fixed line operators and the mobile operators for the top 200 most populous countries in the world. From List of countries by population. Wikipedia

  • Foreign relations of Israel

    Foreign relations of Israel refers to diplomatic and trade relations between Israel and other countries around the world. Israel has diplomatic ties. Wikipedia

  • List by country of coups d'état and coup attempts, in chronological order. undefined undefined undefined Wikipedia

  • List of Catholic dioceses (structured view)

    As of May 31, 2018, the Catholic Church in its entirety comprises 3,160 ecclesiastical jurisdictions, including over 645 archdioceses and 2,236 dioceses, as well as apostolic vicariates, apostolic exarchates, apostolic administrations, apostolic prefectures, military ordinariates, personal ordinariates, personal prelatures, territorial prelatures, territorial abbacies and missions sui juris around the world. In addition to these jurisdictions, there are 2,103 titular sees (bishoprics, archbishoprics and metropolitanates). Wikipedia


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