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Triangular joining arrangement of three rail lines with a railroad switch (set of points) at each corner connecting to each incoming line. Wikipedia

  • Rail transport – means of conveyance of passengers and goods by way of wheeled vehicles running on rail tracks consisting of steel rails installed on sleepers/ties and ballast. Rail transport can be described as all of the following: Wikipedia

  • Glossary of rail transport terms

    Form of technical terminology. Most significant difference in rail terminology. Wikipedia

  • Grand union

    Rail track junction where two double-track railway tramway lines cross at grade, often in a street intersection or crossroads. A total of sixteen railroad switches (sets of points) allow streetcars (or in more rare installations, trains) coming from any direction to take any of the three other directions. Wikipedia

  • Northeast Corridor

    Electrified railroad line in the Northeast megalopolis of the United States. Busiest passenger rail line in the United States both by ridership and by service frequency as of 2013. Wikipedia

  • Rail transport in Afghanistan

    Afghanistan has three railroad lines in the north of the country. Between Mazar-i-Sharif and the border town of Hairatan in Balkh province, which then connects with Uzbek Railways of Uzbekistan . Wikipedia

  • Railway junction that has a track configuration in which merging or crossing railroad lines provide track connections with each other that require trains to cross over in front of opposing traffic at grade (i.e. on the level). Sometimes called a diamond junction or diamond crossing in reference to the diamond-shaped center. Wikipedia


    Sentences forWye (rail)

    • This is especially true in areas where economic considerations or a lack of sufficient space have served to weigh against the construction of a turnaround wye.Railway turntable-Wikipedia
    • The Shattuck line was extended and connected with two other Berkeley lines (the Ninth Street Line and the California Street line) at Solano and Colusa (the "Colusa Wye").Berkeley, California-Wikipedia
    • The fork at the end of the Kingston/Plymouth Line (which lacks a wye) creates operational issues – a single train cannot serve both terminal stations efficiently.Old Colony Lines-Wikipedia
    • Meanwhile, a fourth town rose nearby when the F&S laid rails on a "wye" that led northeast from Sedro about four and a half miles to coal mines.Sedro-Woolley, Washington-Wikipedia
    • At a wye, the route turns northwest in the GN East side line, which then joins the parallel ex-Northern Pacific main line.Northstar Line-Wikipedia
    • As all Munich trams are single ended, facilities for turning trams, such as turning loops or wye tracks, are provided at all termini and strategic intermediate points.Trams in Munich-Wikipedia

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