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Deity in Chinese religion, one of the legendary Chinese sovereigns and culture heroes included among the mytho-historical Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and cosmological Five Forms of the Highest Deity. Wikipedia

  • Chinese mythology

    Mythology that has been passed down in oral form or recorded in literature in the geographic area now known as "China". Chinese mythology includes many varied myths from regional and cultural traditions. Wikipedia

  • Wufang Shangdi

    The Wǔfāng Shàngdì (五方上帝 "Five Forms of the Highest Deity"), or simply Wǔdì (五帝 "Five Deities") or Wǔshén (五神 "Five Gods") are, in Chinese canonical texts and common Chinese religion, the fivefold manifestation of the supreme God of Heaven (天 Tiān). This theology harkens back at least to the Shang dynasty. Wikipedia

  • Chinese gods and immortals

    Polytheistic; many deities are worshipped in a pantheistic view where divinity is inherent in the world. Supreme godhead manifesting in the northern culmen of the starry vault of the skies and its order. Wikipedia

  • Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors

    The Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors were two groups of mythological rulers or deities in ancient northern China. The Three Sovereigns lived before The Five Emperors, who have been assigned dates in a period from circa 2852 BCE to 2070 BCE. Wikipedia

  • Heidi (god)

    Běidì or Běiyuèdàdì is a deity in Chinese religion, one of the cosmological "Five Forms of the Highest Deity". Also identified as Zhuānxū, today frequently worshipped as Xuánwǔ or Zhēnwǔ , and is associated with the essence of water and winter. Wikipedia

  • Chinese culture

    One of the world's oldest cultures, originating thousands of years ago. Extremely diverse and varying, with customs and traditions varying greatly between provinces, cities, and even towns as well. Wikipedia


    Sentences forYellow Emperor

    • Former KMT leader Chiang Kai-shek considered all the minority peoples of China, including the Hui, as descendants of Yellow Emperor, the Yellow Emperor and semi mythical founder of the Chinese nation.Kuomintang-Wikipedia
    • The work covers the world as it was then known to the Chinese and a 2500-year period from the age of the legendary Yellow Emperor to the reign of Emperor Wu of Han in the author's own time.Records of the Grand Historian-Wikipedia
    • As Daoism developed as a concept from its traditional roots in Chinese folk religion and mythology, its legitimacy was bolstered by claims of originating with Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor.Chinese mythology-Wikipedia
    • It is said the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi) (legendary date of ascension 2698 BCE) introduced the earliest fighting systems to China.Chinese martial arts-Wikipedia
    • In April 2009, President Ma became the first ROC president to pay homage in person to the Yellow Emperor who is believed to have founded China as a nation more than 5,000 years ago.Ma Ying-jeou-Wikipedia
    • Similar ideas can be found in other cultures, for example in China, where a concept often translated as "race" was associated with supposed common descent from the Yellow Emperor, and used to stress the unity of ethnic groups in China.Race (human categorization)-Wikipedia

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