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1969 Algerian-French political thriller film, directed by Costa-Gavras, with a screenplay by Gavras and Jorge Semprún, based on the 1966 novel of the same name by Vassilis Vassilikos. Wikipedia

  • Costa-Gavras

    Greek-French film director, screenwriter and producer who lives and works in France. Known for films with political and social themes, such as the political thrillers, Z , for which he won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and Missing (1982), for which he won Palme d'Or and an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Wikipedia

  • Missing (1982 film)

    1982 American biographical drama film directed by Costa-Gavras from a screenplay written by Gavras and Donald E. Stewart, adapted from the book The Execution of Charles Horman: An American Sacrifice (1978) by Thomas Hauser (later republished under the title Missing in 1982), based on the disappearance of American journalist Charles Horman, in the aftermath of the United States-backed Chilean coup of 1973, that deposed the democratically elected socialist President Salvador Allende. It stars Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, Melanie Mayron, John Shea, Janice Rule and Charles Cioffi. Wikipedia

  • State of Siege

    1972 French film directed by Costa-Gavras starring Yves Montand and Renato Salvatori. Official of the United States Agency for International Development . Wikipedia

  • The Confession (1970 film)

    1970 French-Italian film directed by Costa-Gavras starring Yves Montand and Simone Signoret. Based on the true story of the Czechoslovak communist committed leftist Artur London, a defendant in the Slánský trial. Wikipedia

  • The Sleeping Car Murders

    1965 French mystery film directed by Costa-Gavras from the novel by Sébastien Japrisot. It stars Yves Montand, Simone Signoret, Michel Piccoli, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Catherine Allégret, Jacques Perrin, Charles Denner and Pascale Roberts. Wikipedia

  • List of awards and nominations received by Greek-French filmmaker, Costa-Gavras. Gavras won multiple awards and honours, both nationally and internationally. Wikipedia


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