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Leading official in the Mugal Empire under Akbar, including serving for a time as governor of Kabul. Wikipedia

  • The Empress consort of the Mughal Empire. The fifth wife of Emperor Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire and the first Mughal emperor. Wikipedia

  • Ali Quli Khan Zaman

    Leading Uzbeg noble in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar. Before Akbar, he had also served under Humayun and later commanded Mughal army to the eastern Uttar Pradesh region in battle against the rebel Afghans. Wikipedia

  • Mughal general under both emperors Humayun and Akbar. Titled Khān-i-Khānān when Emperor Akbar appointed him as Prime Minister of the Mughal Empire in 1560. Wikipedia

  • Akbar

    The third Mughal emperor, who reigned from 1556 to 1605. Akbar succeeded his father, Humayun, under a regent, Bairam Khan, who helped the young emperor expand and consolidate Mughal domains in India. Wikipedia

  • Babur

    The founder of the Mughal Empire and first Emperor of the Mughal dynasty ((r. 1526 – 1530)) in the Indian subcontinent. Wikipedia

  • Mansabdar of the Mughal Empire during the reign of Akbar. Akbar appointed Mirza Nizamuddin to send soldiers against Dulla Bhatti. Wikipedia


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