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The fourth and last emperor of the Southern Ming dynasty. Wikipedia

  • Southern Ming

    Series of dynastic rump states ruled by the Zhu clan in southern China following the Ming dynasty's collapse in 1644. The Ming dynasty ended when Shun forces led by Li Zicheng captured Beijing and the last Ming emperor Chongzhen committed suicide. Wikipedia

  • Ming dynasty

    The ruling dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644 following the collapse of the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty. The last imperial dynasty of China ruled by Han Chinese. Wikipedia

  • Transition from Ming to Qing

    The transition from Ming to Qing, Ming–Qing transition, or Manchu conquest of China from 1618 to 1683 saw the transition between two major dynasties in Chinese history. The decades-long conflict between the emergent Qing dynasty , the incumbent Ming dynasty (明朝), and several smaller factions in China (like the Shun dynasty 顺朝 and Xi dynasty 西朝). Wikipedia

  • Shunzhi Emperor

    The second Emperor of the Qing dynasty, and the first Qing emperor to rule over China proper, reigned from 1644 to 1661. Five years old. Wikipedia

  • History of the Ming dynasty

    Imperial dynasty of China. The successor to the Yuan dynasty and the predecessor of the short-lived Shun dynasty, which was in turn succeeded by the Qing dynasty. Wikipedia

  • Zhu Yousong

    The first emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty. He reigned briefly in Southern China from 1644-1645. Wikipedia


    Sentences forZhu Youlang

    • He led a successful offense against his cousin Zhu Youlang but was deposed and executed on 20 January 1647 when the Ming turncoat Li Chengdong sacked the city on behalf of the Qing.Guangzhou-Wikipedia
    • In 1658, the last emperor of Southern Ming dynasty, Zhu Youlang, passed the Nandian and Ganya Tusi and fled to Myanmar.Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture-Wikipedia
    • Koxinga (Zheng Chenggong), son of Zheng Zhilong, was awarded with the titles: Wei Yuan Hou, Zhang Guo Gong, and Yan Ping Wang by the Yongli Emperor.Southern Ming-Wikipedia
    • His identity and existence however is of some dispute, and Zhu Youlang is generally taken to be the last emperor of Southern Ming.Zhu Benli-Wikipedia
    • In 1662, after the execution of Zhu Youlang, the last claimant to the Ming throne, Wu was also given jurisdiction over Guizhou.List of rebellions in China-Wikipedia
    • Li had tried to form a united front by combining Ming forces with the rebels against the Manchu invasion, and became the most important military commander of the Yongli Emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty.Li Dingguo-Wikipedia

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