Why Akbar's conquest of Gujarat and Mahmud Shah III of Gujarat are similar

Topics related to both

  • Sultan of the Muzaffarid dynasty who nominally reigned over the Gujarat Sultanate, a late medieval kingdom in India from 1554 to 1561 though true powers were exerted by his nobles who had divided the kingdom between themselves. Assassinated by one of his nobles. Wikipedia

  • 16th-century structure in the city of Surat. The Ahmedabad king Sultan Mahmood-III (1538-1554) ordered its construction to defend the city from the frequent attacks that had devastated it. Wikipedia

  • Ranpur, Gujarat

    Town located on the bank of the river Bhadar in Botad district, Gujarat, India.Ranpur is little city of botad district. Said to have been founded, about the beginning of the fourteenth century, by Ranaji Gohil, a Rajput chieftain, the ancestor of the Bhavnagar State family. Wikipedia

  • Lunavada

    Town in the Mahisagar, former in the Northern part of Gujarat state of India. Administrative headquarters of the Mahisagar district and one of most developing town of central Gujarat. Wikipedia

  • Dhandhuka

    City and a municipality in the Ahmedabad district in the state of Gujarat, India. Part of the Bhal region. Wikipedia

  • Champaner

    Historical city in the state of Gujarat, in western India. Located in Panchmahal district, 47 kilometres from the city of Vadodara. Wikipedia

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