Why Akbar's conquest of Gujarat and Muzaffar Shah III are similar

Topics related to both

Topics related to both

  • Gopi Talav

    Lake in the Gopipura locality in the city of Surat in Gujarat state of India. Built in circa 1510 CE by Malik Gopi, who was an affluent merchant and governor of Surat during the Mughal Empire. Wikipedia

  • Sultan of the Muzaffarid dynasty who nominally reigned over the Gujarat Sultanate, a late medieval kingdom in India from 1554 to 1561 though true powers were exerted by his nobles who had divided the kingdom between themselves. Assassinated by one of his nobles. Wikipedia

  • Sultan of the Muzaffarid dynasty who reigned over the Gujarat Sultanate, a late medieval kingdom in India from 1537 to 1554. He had to battle frequently with his nobles who were interested in independence, especially Darya Khán and Imád-ul-Mulk. Wikipedia

  • In 1573, Akbar (1573–1605), the emperor of the Mughal Empire captured Gujarat (now a state in western India) by defeating Gujarat Sultanate under Muzaffar Shah III. Muzaffar tried to regain the Sultanate in 1584 but failed. Wikipedia

  • Disa

    Heroine of a Swedish legendary saga, which was documented by Olaus Magnus, in 1555. Believed to be from the Middle Ages, but includes Old Norse themes. Wikipedia

  • Ranpur, Gujarat

    Town located on the bank of the river Bhadar in Botad district, Gujarat, India.Ranpur is little city of botad district. Said to have been founded, about the beginning of the fourteenth century, by Ranaji Gohil, a Rajput chieftain, the ancestor of the Bhavnagar State family. Wikipedia

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