Why Bengal and History of Bengal are similar

Sentences that refer to both

Sentences that refer to both

  • For much of its history, Bengal was split up into several independent kingdoms, completely unifying only several times.List of rulers of Bengal-Wikipedia
  • Radcliffe's line split Bengal, which historically was always a single economic zone, single cultural and ethnic (Bengali-Hindu or Bengali-Muslim) zone, into two-halves.Partition of Bengal (1947)-Wikipedia
  • The region had been a part of Bangla, Bengali: বাংলা/বঙ্গ, whose history dates back to four millennia, and during the British period it formed the Bengal province, the eastern part of the British Indian Empire, which was dominated by the British rulers and Hindu professional, commercial, and landed elites.Bangladeshi society-Wikipedia
  • The story line set in 1950's and the period often referred to as the Golden Era of Bengal.Soudaminir Sansar-Wikipedia

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